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I don’t know if you follow me on Goodreads but I did finish a book before The Beautiful Dead which was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, I decided not to do a book review of it because I want to read the full series before I make a review.

I also want to share you, my newest spread for February. I went with a fairytale theme, in all my spreads I try and keep it at a consistent theme throughout the month although there are a couple of pages that do wander off on their own. My first week is in the theme of Little Red Riding Hood, I think out of all the fairytale books that I have read when I was younger I never had a favourite but Little Red Riding Hood was something that I have grown to love.

Anyway moving off topic.

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The Beautiful Dead by Belinda Bauer

They wanted the same things. Death – and an audience.

Eve Singer makes her living from death. As a TV crime reporter, she’ll go to any length to get the latest scoop.

But when a twisted serial killer starts using her to gain the publicity he craves, Eve must decide how far she’s willing to go – and how close she’ll let him get . . .

Published: March 2017
Publishers: Black Swan
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Format: Paperback

Pages: 416

Goodreads Star Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


I had seen this book on Instagram and I was very attracted to the beautiful butterfly cover. But I think the plot itself really drew me in, I haven’t been reading a lot of mystery thriller books in a long time, I mean even though some of Nora Roberts standalone novels do fall in the mystery, thriller and I am a little obsessed with her books but this is different.

I found the book to be very good, I never thought about the length most reporters have to go through like Eve to capture something in order to garner attention. I found the killer using Eve to seek more fame to be a clique theme you would see in movies and tv. But I have to say it played out differently than I thought.The killer believes that he is an artist and uses Eve to help him “promote” his work telling her that she and he are alike. Bauer is a really good writer, I never heard of her until I saw the book and while I am curious about her other work but I honestly know that it will not happen.

I have to say it was a very fast read and I couldn’t stop crying of relief towards the end. I really liked the relationship with Eve and her father, as well as her friendship with Joe and how both Eve and Joe planned to stop the killer was very well planned out.

I do recommend anyone this book, it’s such a good read when you are stuck at home because of the weather and it just warms you up, with death💀

I hope you are having a lovely day

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