Book Review|Sepulchre by Kate Mosse

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I have a couple of days off from work soon and I have no idea on how to spend those days, mostly reading but I have been feeling in the mood to go out of town and do something different. Has anyone felt like this? You have your daily routine and suddenly you have some time off and you want to do something different, something you’ve always wanted to do. I guess I am in the mood for a new scenery.

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Sepulchre by Kate Mosse


Seventeen-year-old Leonie Vernier and her brother abandon Pariss for the sanctuary of their aunt’s isolated country house near Carcassonne, the Domaine de la Cade. But Leonie stumbles across a ruined sepulchre – and a timeless mystery whose traces are written in blood.


Meridith Martin arrives at the Domaine de la Cade to research a biography. But Meredith is also seeking the key to her own complex legacy and becomes immersed in the story of a tragic love, a missing girl, a unique deck of tarot cards and the strange events of one cataclysmic night a century ago…

Published: October 2007
Published Edition: October 2015
Publishers: Orion
Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 784

Format of Reading: Paperback

Goodreads Star Rating:šŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸ


I had already read the first book in the trilogy last year and I really enjoyed it. I did do a book review of the book on my old blog but I have already closed the account, so I can’t link to the actual blog post but you can still find it on Bloglovin’ (link here) if you are interested in reading it.

I have to say there is a little connection between the first book and this one but it’s not a continuation of Labyrinth. One of the things about this book that is similar to the first was the connection of both female characters, you are following both characters discovering the secrets of the House in the mountains and the connection with Tarot cards, their significance and also the creation of them. This book also has a bit of a fantasy element in this book as it does involve ghosts.

Some of the reviews on Goodreads are quite mixed and honestly, after reading them I do agree on some points. This book has so much detail in the story and it doesn’t give much room to get connected with the characters, I found myself sometimes trying to skip parts (which I try not doing because I do it so often) because I wanted to know what Leonie or Meredith was thinking.

Much like how I felt from reading the first book, it’s quite slow to get into. You get to know Leonie first and at times I just wanted to get to Meredith’s introduction. The first couple of chapters were very confusing, which I still don’t understand why it started like that. It took a while for me to get into the book and I am looking forward to picking up the final book in the trilogy.

I hope you have a lovely day xx

Recent Reads

Hey Everyone!

I have been reading quite a lot recently and I haven’t been able to have time to sit on my laptop and write a review for each of them. So this is me giving you a reading catch-up, I read eight books since Stalking Jack The Ripper. Most of the books are romance books but some of them have a thriller twist which is the types of books that I am getting a lot more.

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A Secret Garden by Katie Fforde

I’ve had the book on my kindle for ages but I am wasn’t in the mood to pick it up. I saw the book in paperback and immediately purchase it. I have been a longtime fan of Katie Fforde for years, I started reading her books since I was 14 and have never stopped getting her new book every year. I really enjoyed the book, it was a nice fluffy read and I kept imaginning Saroise Ronan’s voice in my head because Philly is Irish, so I imagine her having a strong Irish accent.

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The Wrath & The Dawn/The Rose & The Dagger by Renee Ahdieh

I was in the mood to read something that I had read before. It’s been two years since I picked it up and I finished the duology in two days. I was even tempted to get the UK edition of this duology but I live the US Editions a bit more.

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The Lottery & Other Stories by Shirley Jackson

I picked this book last year and I have been slowly listening to it on Audible. I really liked We Have Always Lived In The Castle but I was enjoying this book more, It’s a collection of Jacksons Short Stories. I found some stories to be quite good and there were some that I was not interested in.

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Divine Evil by Nora Roberts

Recently I have been getting very into Nora Roberts Standalone’s and I got this book out of curiosity. I have to warn you that IF you do pick this book up, be aware of sexual assault, a cult that takes women and does some unimaginable things and also a romance between a sculptor and a Sheriff. This book follows a girl who has recurring nightmares about something dark about her hometown, she goes back home for inspiration and also gets tangled with the former bad boy turned Sheriff. I have to be honest, it not one of the greatest books by her but it was definitely memorable.

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The Villa by Nora Roberts

If you have ever seen an episode of Dallas or Dynasty then this book is slightly about that. Instead of oil or a business company, this family business is about wine. Someone has intent on harming the family business and it affects the three generation of women. I enjoyed the book a lot especially when it came to the mystery of the family’s betrayal. The romantic relationship between Sophia and Ty was really sweet and Sophia reminded me very much of Fallon from Dynasty, She is quite snarky especially towards her awful father but also she was able to sort things out by herself and struggles to open up more in her relationship with Ty.

2018-04-06 071206412272..jpg

The Collector by Nora Roberts

I never thought you could house sit for a career which apparently you can. I found this one a mixed bag, I don’t have many feelings about it. I felt the romantic relationship was not romantic but also a little pushed together. I felt the Male character to be very overprotective which annoyed me a little bit. I felt the chance meet for the characters was a bit weird since the Male character was the brother of the man that died but also the woman was the witness of the death, to me, it seemed a very odd way to write two characters meeting and also going into a relationship.

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The Search by Nora Roberts

After reading this book I now really want to own a dog. My family don’t have a dog because my parents grew up with pets and they both didn’t really like it. Anyway, Fiona is a Dog Trainer but she is also a survivor of an event that happened when she was in her twenties. An event that scarred her old life away and shelter herself on an island where that person can never find. Out of all the Nora Roberts books that I have read in this blog post, I enjoyed this book the most. I liked the relationship between Fiona and Simon but I also liked learning more of the secret of Fiona’s past.

And that concludes my catch-up. I do have a book review coming up soon so hopefully, I will get my blogging mojo back and do some more.

I hope you are having a lovely day

Multiple Copies Of Books That I Own

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If you are a book lover or you just somehow found this page it is very commonĀ to see book loversĀ with multiple copies of their favourite books. I am one of those. I have quite a few books that I have multiple copies of and I thought about sharing them with you. It is not something that intentionally does some of the time it is because it has coloured pages or it’s signed by the author. Sometimes it is because I want to have the book because of the cover and sometimes it is because I want the book instead of waiting for a year for the book to be released in paperback.

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I remember seeing the cover and thinking that it was beautiful. I was mostly intrigue is getting the book because of Kerby Rosanes the illustrator who designed the cover. I love the look of the crow. I was attracted to the book because of Instagram and the fact that when you take the dust jacket off it has a beautiful design of the crow across the hardback and I love it. I may have the hardback and paperback edition but I know that I am not going to let go either of them, I also want to clarify that I haven’t got GodsgraveĀ yet because I have still yet to read Nevernight.

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This is the reason why I decided to do this blog post because not only do I own the UK edition of the Shades of Magic series, I recently was tempted to get the US editions. It was the US editionĀ which drew me to the series and I wished the UK edition would at least like its counterpart. I have to admit that I am not too keen on the UK editions and I was always jealous of seeing the US editions featuring in the Booktubers that I watch and wishing that I had them. They were on Book Depository and IĀ couldn’t resist the temptation to get them. I am considering in starting the series again because of getting the US editions.

2018-04-08 08576083262..jpg

Yes, I also got the collectors editions. DON’T JUDGE ME. But can you agree with me and say that they are both beautiful books.

2018-04-08 082090799665..jpg

I have no shame in getting these books because this is one of my all-time favourite books. I read the book when I was still in college and IĀ couldn’t leave it alone. I highly recommend this book to any becauseĀ it is not the type of book to rush over, it’s paced very well, you get to learn about the characters. It’s dark thriller book that could get you on the edge of your seat.

2018-04-08 08744346008..jpg

I think you already know about this book because I couldn’t stop gushing over it in my review. I got the hardback book last year and I was mostly attracted to the beautiful moth on the cover (also it is signed my Laini Taylor) I love both books and IĀ will probably do the same thing for Muse of Nightmares when it comes out.

2018-04-08 08152762847..jpg

I got the CollinsĀ edition years ago when I was still working at my first job which was 5 years ago and it’s strange to think it has been that long. I am also a little obsessed with the Penguin English Library editions mostly because of the beautiful covers. I have yet to pick this book up but I am unsure about reading it since I know what happens towards the end of the book (I can’t remember where or when I found out).

2018-04-08 08116529385..jpg

Similar scenario with another Bronte. I got the clothbound edition at the end of 2016 with my ChristmasĀ money that I got and I was tempted to get the Penguin English Library edition because I wanted all the Bronte sisters to be together and be similar in editions instead of a mixture.

2018-04-08 081093621144..jpg


2018-04-08 081176481277..jpg

I haven’t told how much I love the Millenium trilogy by Steig Larsson and I even got obsessed with the continuation of the series by David Lagercrantz. I have only read The Girl in the Spider’s Web, I have yet to pick up The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye. I got the larger paperback copy of TGITS’SW in Thailand 3 years ago, a couple days after it was released. I have even kept the price sticker on the back of the book.

2018-04-08 081807582579..jpg

It is no surprise to me that I would have a few extra copies of Austen’s books. My most favourite one would have to be the Vintage Classics, they are really cute and very easy to hold while reading. I did get myself the anniversary edition of Persuasion because I really liked the cover and also I even got it from and not so it took about a couple of weeks to come to me.

I hope you are having a lovely day.


Book Review | Stalking Jack The Ripper by Kerri Manicalco

Hey Everyone,

How are you?

I hope you are enjoyed your Easter Holiday. I did, too much chocolate yet I will always find room for more. I have been a bit too busy to blog, work has been a little hectic and I felt like focusing on reading last week which by the way I have finally caught up my reading goal on Goodreads. I will do a catch up wrap up because I read quite a few after this book.

2018-03-29 0221594246..jpg

Stalking Jack The Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

He murdered women in cold blood. He terrorized an entire city. He taunted those of us who hunted him down.

But despite all these horrors, in the end, I could not deny it…

I was the girl who loved THE RIPPER.

Published: Sept 2017
Publishers: James Patterson
Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction
Pages: 352

Format of Reading: Paperback

Goodreads Star Rating: šŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸ


I cannot remember where or when I first heard about the book but I was attracted to the synopsis of the story.

This book follows Audrey Rose, she is the niece of a physician who teaches a class on opening up bodies. She has always been fascinated with her Uncle’s work and assists him in many of his autopsies. It does sound strange that a seventeen-year-old girl gets very excited about opening up people’s bodies. A new case lands on her Uncle’s desk and Audrey is intrigued as to who the killer is.

I know pretty much what everyone else knows about Jack the Ripper and I found this book to give a really good sense of the mystery of Jack The Ripper. I found the book to be a bit predictable especially towards the end but overall it was a good book. The romantic relationship between Audrey and Thomas to very predictable, personallyĀ I think that they should be together later on in the series make their relationship frustratingly annoying for the readerĀ to WANT THEM TOGETHER. It felt a bit rushed especially towards the end. I liked the mystery duo when they are both investigating the connection to the killer at the beginning half of the book and it just went a little messy and rushed towards the end.

I do have the second book in the series and I am going to get the third book as well. My hope for the next one to be more mysterious and focus less on the romantic relationship.

If you have read the book already, What did you think? Any thoughts let me know xx