Multiple Copies Of Books That I Own

Hey Everyone,

If you are a book lover or you just somehow found this page it is very common to see book lovers with multiple copies of their favourite books. I am one of those. I have quite a few books that I have multiple copies of and I thought about sharing them with you. It is not something that intentionally does some of the time it is because it has coloured pages or it’s signed by the author. Sometimes it is because I want to have the book because of the cover and sometimes it is because I want the book instead of waiting for a year for the book to be released in paperback.

2018-04-08 081245291682..jpg

I remember seeing the cover and thinking that it was beautiful. I was mostly intrigue is getting the book because of Kerby Rosanes the illustrator who designed the cover. I love the look of the crow. I was attracted to the book because of Instagram and the fact that when you take the dust jacket off it has a beautiful design of the crow across the hardback and I love it. I may have the hardback and paperback edition but I know that I am not going to let go either of them, I also want to clarify that I haven’t got Godsgrave yet because I have still yet to read Nevernight.

2018-04-08 081424212125..jpg

This is the reason why I decided to do this blog post because not only do I own the UK edition of the Shades of Magic series, I recently was tempted to get the US editions. It was the US edition which drew me to the series and I wished the UK edition would at least like its counterpart. I have to admit that I am not too keen on the UK editions and I was always jealous of seeing the US editions featuring in the Booktubers that I watch and wishing that I had them. They were on Book Depository and I couldn’t resist the temptation to get them. I am considering in starting the series again because of getting the US editions.

2018-04-08 08576083262..jpg

Yes, I also got the collectors editions. DON’T JUDGE ME. But can you agree with me and say that they are both beautiful books.

2018-04-08 082090799665..jpg

I have no shame in getting these books because this is one of my all-time favourite books. I read the book when I was still in college and I couldn’t leave it alone. I highly recommend this book to any because it is not the type of book to rush over, it’s paced very well, you get to learn about the characters. It’s dark thriller book that could get you on the edge of your seat.

2018-04-08 08744346008..jpg

I think you already know about this book because I couldn’t stop gushing over it in my review. I got the hardback book last year and I was mostly attracted to the beautiful moth on the cover (also it is signed my Laini Taylor) I love both books and I will probably do the same thing for Muse of Nightmares when it comes out.

2018-04-08 08152762847..jpg

I got the Collins edition years ago when I was still working at my first job which was 5 years ago and it’s strange to think it has been that long. I am also a little obsessed with the Penguin English Library editions mostly because of the beautiful covers. I have yet to pick this book up but I am unsure about reading it since I know what happens towards the end of the book (I can’t remember where or when I found out).

2018-04-08 08116529385..jpg

Similar scenario with another Bronte. I got the clothbound edition at the end of 2016 with my Christmas money that I got and I was tempted to get the Penguin English Library edition because I wanted all the Bronte sisters to be together and be similar in editions instead of a mixture.

2018-04-08 081093621144..jpg


2018-04-08 081176481277..jpg

I haven’t told how much I love the Millenium trilogy by Steig Larsson and I even got obsessed with the continuation of the series by David Lagercrantz. I have only read The Girl in the Spider’s Web, I have yet to pick up The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye. I got the larger paperback copy of TGITS’SW in Thailand 3 years ago, a couple days after it was released. I have even kept the price sticker on the back of the book.

2018-04-08 081807582579..jpg

It is no surprise to me that I would have a few extra copies of Austen’s books. My most favourite one would have to be the Vintage Classics, they are really cute and very easy to hold while reading. I did get myself the anniversary edition of Persuasion because I really liked the cover and also I even got it from and not so it took about a couple of weeks to come to me.

I hope you are having a lovely day.


2 responses to “Multiple Copies Of Books That I Own”

  1. notsomoderngirl avatar

    This is a great idea for a post! I really want to read ‘Tenant of Wildfell Hall’- those copies are lovely 🙂

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    1. Steph Burton avatar

      Thank you, I love both copies of the Tenant of Wildfell Hall xx

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