Book Review| Find Me by J.S. Monroe

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I have to admit I have seemed to have read more books than I thought I did. I found that I have been able to read a lot more than I had in quite some time, I remember around Sept-Nov throughout the three months I think I read a total of 6 books which I have been noticing in my Bullet Journal that I have been reading around 6 books or more in the last couple of months and I am very satisfied with that.



Find Me by J.S. Monroe

A young man embarks on a desperate search for the truth in this chilling, razor-sharp thriller.

Five years ago, Rosa walked to the pier in the dead of night, looked into the swirling water and jumped. She was a brilliant young Cambridge student who had just lost her father. Her death was tragic, but not unexpected.

But is that what really happened?

Her death was ruled a suicide. But Rosa’s boyfriend, jar still can’t let go. He sees Rosa everywhere – a face on the train, a figure on the cliff. He is obsessed with providing that she is still alive. And then he gets an email.

“Find me, Jar. Find me, before they do…”

As Jar digs into the past, he enters a dark underworld where nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted. He is soon thrust into the heart of a larger intrigue that may finally shed some light on Rosa’s death…even as it dangerously threatens his own life.

Published: September 2017
Publishers: Head of Zeus
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Fiction, Suspense

Pages: 400

Format of Reading: Paperback

Goodreads Star Rating:


One of my colleagues recommended this book to me, she described it as a conspiracy theory a man who believed the woman that he loved as a student faked her death and he wants to discover why. We both agreed that this book was quite cheesy in the first half of the book.

But I have to admit it, this book surprised me in the second half. Basically, you are time jumping back and forth from present day to the time when Rosa was in University. You are introduced to Jar who was in a sort-of relationship with Rosa when they were both in University, what I mean by sort-of relationship because you only see how they met and the beginning stages of their relationship but nothing much of their relationship and I felt it lacked in feeling upset about Rosa’s death and how Jar is feeling about the loss of Rosa.

The second part of the book is a game changer, it’s not like a sappy romantic boy and girl reunited and they prevented anything that could separate them two ever again. No!, it goes very different. I don’t want to spoil it but I was very surprised that it went into that kind of twist.

I do recommend the book but don’t try and rush reading this book like I did I read about over 200 pages of the book from 9.00pm till 1.00am.

I hope you are having a lovely day xx

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