Hey Everyone,

So I recently went to see Solo: A Star Wars Story on Bank Holiday Monday with my dad and my expectations for the movie were very low, like really low.


When I first heard about a Han Solo origin movie it sounded really good but I was worried about IF it could pull off.

Now Harrison Ford is (and forever the best) a great actor and takes the roles he plays to heart. The character of Han Solo to me was cynical, doubtful and an all-round determined to not get killed. And in this film, you do see a very optimistic character, in love and always has a plan or a lie that doesn’t go the way it’s originally planned out, and continues to keep saying “The best pilot in the galaxy” which got very annoying. Alden Ehrenreich does a really good job at playing Han Solo, he does a really good job at bringing the Harrison Ford style of the character to the screen but it’s like he is in a tiny box where he is unable to put a bit of flair in for himself. I really liked the beginning relationship between Han and Chewie, I liked how they met and also the friendship growing throughout the movie, it felt nice to see the bond that has been known for so long see the beginning stages and also the quips by Han and the judgements from Chewie.


While some parts of the movie had some really good moments, like Donald Glover’s performance as Lando Calrissian. I heard many great things about Glover and I really enjoy listening to This is America. He is just fantastic.

I found the movie to be focusing a lot more on the action and less on the plot because thinking back on it, it was a mess. The first half of the movie was easily understandable but the plot took a twist in which I immediately predicted and it happened exactly right. The character played by Queen Kahlessi Emelia Clarke, I knew the moment she came onto screen that her part in this movie was not a love interest that you would hope Han be ending up with, obviously it is Chewbacca, but the relationship of Han and Qi’ra felt more one-sided. Han more determined for their happily ever after in a galaxy far far away.


The movie felt unfinished like it needed an extra hour or some of the scenes flushed out a lot more because I left the cinema literally thinking what? But How? When? Huh? it was a big head scratcher for me and for Dad. I have to admit that this movie did not follow the hype that it should have had.

If you’ve seen the movie what did you think of it? I have been wanting to include more content here on my blog which this is a little experiment for me. I watch movies and I like talking about it as much as books so I thought I would include here on my blog. What do you think? Should I continue to do it or not? Let me know.


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