Why I am Enjoying Reading Multiple Books?

Hey everyone,

I watched a Youtube video by Jesse the Reader talking about the pros and cons of reading multiple books and I thought about expanding on why I enjoy reading Multiple books.

This year I have been getting into reading multiple books and I am loving it. Before I was a noob and read only one book, years ago before I even heard of booktube and started my blog I never even thought about trying to read more than one. Back then I was determined to read only one book but obviously, my tastes have changed and my reading has evolved.

I am a mood reader, I like to pick a book that I feel most drawn to, most of the time it is a book that I have recently purchased. The books I am more drawn to are Fiction, Historical Fiction and Fantasy, I have a few books in other genres but I am rarely into picking them up.

Here are a few things that I have done while reading multiple books.


The Rory Gilmore Way

Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls is a huge bookworm, she would read so many books that she would pack her school bag with books that she would read on the bus as well as books that she would read for lunch (watch the clip here) I have done a similar way as well. I categorise my books by ‘bus’ book, ‘work’ book and ‘home’ book but then my bus book became my home book and then my plan was ruined.

Using Other Types of Reading Methods

Sometimes reading physical books can be annoying. Sometimes you get a papercut, your hand starts to hurt from holding the book too long and sometimes the book gets damaged. While I will always love reading physical books, I find that I feel more comfortable to read in bed with a Kindle in my hand, it does get uncomfortable to read when your lying in bed. I also like listening to book while on my commute to work or at work, that way I am focusing on the task and listening to a book. Just to mention, I work in a Stockroom at a retail store hence why I am able to listen to music or books while working.


You Can Take A Break And Read Something Else

I think that it’s one of the things that I really like about reading more than one book because sometimes you are not getting into a book and you don’t want to force yourself to read it, so it is nice to go for another book.


There is no rush

Personally, I think watching Booktubers showing how many books read in a month can be a challenge in itself. It’s like a fighting battle of mastering 10 books a month but I don’t do that. Sure there are some books that I go through very quickly but there are some books that I like to take my time with. There are some books that I want to learn more of the lore or the characters and even the plot can be something I like to take my time with.

Big Ones, Little Ones

I think one of the things to go for is trying various sizes of books, whether if it’s over 500 pages or under, it is good to have a variety of books to not push yourself. It can be a book under 300 pages or a book over 500, I like to think it is a nice balance in reading.

So what about you? Do you read multiple books? How to do you do it? Let me know I would love to try new ways to read more.

3 responses to “Why I am Enjoying Reading Multiple Books?”

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    Happy reading 💖

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  3. Violet Plum avatar

    I usually read one book at a time 🙂


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