I’m Back – Early Than Expected



How are you?

So I am back! It’s a bit early than I expected to be gone for but I am back and ready to write. So if you are curious as to the situation of my laptop, I got a new one. So the day after my blog post, my Dad offered to buy me a new laptop and said that I will have to pay him back monthly. So my new laptop is an HP Pavilion, it is larger than my previous laptop and I am still trying to get used to it. It’s very nice and I love it.

I do have quite a few books to talk about but I have realized that the only thing that I keep doing IS book reviews and I feel that it’s not enough. So during my break, I had made a plan. (To be honest, most of my plans only last for about a month and then I forget about it, whoops)

I am going to try and put some more content into this blog, I am going to include things that I love, not just books. Maybe talk about life or things, things that I want to talk about that I don’t get to talk about to people at work. So we shall see how that will look like, and hopefully, you will like it.

Life wise, life is good. I don’t know if I mentioned in previous posts but I found another job. I was feeling trapped going back into my old job and so I decided to job hunt again. And thankfully I went back to working in a Post Office, it is not the PO that I was working at before, it is a different branch, different manager and a different experience. I have been there since the beginning of October and I am really glad to get back into the swing of things. I am enjoying it, the people are really nice, there have been a few customers that I recognise who were quite happy to see me behind the PO Counter again and I am enjoying it.

I guess that it all, for now, I will see you in another post. Bye!

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