Hey everyone,

I hope you are well. So I decided at the end of 2018 to not continue with Top Ten Tuesday, I enjoyed participating and I enjoy reading other peoples blog post but I can’t keep up to date with it and sometimes I used soo many repeats that I felt not interested in the concept anymore. I enjoyed Top Ten Tuesday but it was not for me.

So I have been seeing Taking on a World of Words a lot on my Reader feed and I really like the concept of catching you up of the books that I have read and the books that I would like to get too so I would like to participate. The only thing you have to do is answer three questions and leave a link of your post to other bloggers who are also participating.

  • What are you Currently Reading?
  • What have you Finished Recently?
  • What will you Read Next?

What Are You Currently Reading?

I am currently reading Runemarks by Joanne M. Harris. I read this book years ago and I remember really liking the book. I decided to read it because it has been at least ten years and I have no idea what happened in the book. This book is set years later after the battle of Ragnarok, it follows Maddy who is someone that the people of Malbry do not like because of a rune on her hand. She discovers that she has magical abilities and is taught by a man who only visits her once every year.

I am even annotating this book because I would like to go back to some of the parts in the book and see what I have written down. Most of it is questions and thoughts about Maddy’s powers and her journey to find the Whisperer (I am about 30% into the book at the moment).

What Have You Finished Recently?

So the first book that I have finished in 2019 is The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris. This book is part of the Runemark duology but is set in Asgard before Ragnarok. If you’ve read Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman then you are aware of the tales of the Norse Gods and Goddess but this book has a bit of a twist, this book is the tales of Thor, Odin and Freyja but in the perspective of Loki. Just imagine the snarky, cunning Loki telling you his side of the story of playing tricks on the gods but also saving them at the same time.

What Will You Read Next?

I want to try and read something that isn’t fantasy because I need something to give me a bit of a push to start of the year, I have had my eye of All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher but I also want to continue with the Shadowhunter series. I have been taking too much time of avoiding the series that I should be making time to get into it, while I know that TMI series is a series that I HAVE to get to but one of the series that I have been interested in is The Infernal Devices so I might pick up Clockwork Angel next.


I just want to mention that my work hours are a bit eratic and I am trying to do this blog around it so if you don’t hear from me it is because I haven’t had time to update you on anything.

See you soon xx

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