Hey everyone,

Hope you are all well, the weather is turning warmer and the sun is out a lot more. I hope you get the chance to take in the rays.

So this month has been a really great reading month. I have read a total of 15 books, 15 BOOKS! that is the most amount of books that I have read in a really long time. I even had a week off from work and I managed to read 6 books during that month which I was really proud of myself. I will have to admit that most of the books mentioned are Manga, I really got myself in a purge of just focusing on Manga and I am even diverting my book purchases to Manga which was the rabbit hole that I didn’t really want to fall into…but here we are.

Cardcaptor Sakura Book Review

The Girl in the Tower + The Winter of the Witch Book Review

The Mermaid was actually a DNF, I couldn’t get myself interested with this book.

Hopefully next month will be a good reading month. xx

4 responses to “May Wrap-Up”

  1. Priyasha avatar

    That’s a bunch of books you read .

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    1. Steph Burton avatar

      I know, I couldn’t believe that I got through that many last month lol. I did have a week off from work so I was able to focus more on reading xx


  2. Katie Jane Gallagher avatar

    Really too bad The Mermaid didn’t grab you! But wow, that’s a lotta books.

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    1. Steph Burton avatar

      I liked the first part but the second part I couldn’t get into xx

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