Slumping On Paperbacks and Reading On My Kindle

Hey Everyone!

This is something I never really know why but sometimes I pick up a paperback book and I would read through it like putting butter on toast, simple but sometimes I find myself glued to my kindle reading a crap ton of romance novels. 

For most of this month, I have been reading a lot of romance books on my Kindle. I like my Kindle, it’s handy, fits in my bag easily but I’ve only used it for small about of time, mostly around the summertime. I don’t understand if it is because we have reached the second half of the year where it could be called the chill zone because there is no built-up pressure to reach your reading goal.

I love reading paperback books, they are so easy to handle and they fit in bags very easily and yet a Kindle is the exact same thing. I love my kindle I just wish that I use it all the time but the only time that I have ever used my kindle is during the summertime and it is mostly romance novels, it’s one of my guilty pleasures which I sometimes get very embarrassed when I update on Goodreads. 

I’m just in this funk to read from my kindle so maybe next month I could get my butt into gear and read more.

I have been a little behind on blogging but it is mainly because I have been redecorating. I have moved into a bigger room which is great because I can see the floor, it more spacious than my other room and I love it. It took a while for me to paint it, mainly because I was using a lighter color over a vibrant colour. So there are a few places that I could do a few more coats on but I don’t care because they are being covered by other things. I knew I had a lot of books but I didn’t know that I had A LOT of books and by the 8th trip I had to take a 15 mins break.

I hope you are enjoying this Bank Holiday weekend, happy reading xx

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