So the readathon ended on the 22nd of November and I plan didn’t go the way that I had hoped. I managed to tick off 4 of the 5 challenges for the readathon and I read a total of 2 and a half books in the two weeks.

The first book I started and finished was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Book 1-5 by Douglas Adams. I have had this book on my TBR for possible over a year maybe two, I have been curious as to the love and popularity that the book recieved. This book was hilarious, like I was listening to it and loving every single moment. (I am in the process of writing a full review of the book so look forward to that.)

Can you guess the throw I got from Ebay? hint, it’s was from Illumicrate.

The second book I picked up was Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 4-6, since I read the fist bind-up in the previous readathon, I thought why not pick this one up. I will have to say that it was interesting to see how the brothers became who they were in the present and it got me in the mood to get the next two bind-ups to continue on.

I got the book sleeve from an Etsy shop called Wander Stitch Studio, there are amazing prints 😍😍

The third book that I got to read but didn’t finish until the day after the readathon ended was Carnal Innocence by Nora Roberts. It’s been a long time since I read a Nora Roberts book but this became a favourite, might I mention that this book was realased in 1991, so there are some terms used against black people and also a rage “god” loving maniac. I enjoyed the romance and I found the murder mystery to be really intriging.

And that concludes the readathon, so yeah not massive as last time but still enjoyable to be part of.

Pages read: 1,655.

Happy Reading xx

One response to “Tome Topple Conclusion”

  1. stargazer avatar

    2 1/2 books in two weeks is not bad at all! I loved The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as well; the humour and creativity is just amazing!


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