Kpop that I have been loving recently

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well. It’s not a bookish post today as some of the books that I have read in the last couple of weeks I haven’t been rushing to write a blog post. So I thought I would do my second favourite KPOP.

You might be thinking “Oh my god another book person loving Kpop”, Hey! I have been a fan of Kpop for almost 10 years now, I’m not a noob that only loves BTS. I love a bunch of other artists that people should start listening to.

Let’s get started…

Dreamcatcher – Scream

I have been recently become a fan of Dreamcatcher, I love their style of music very much out than any other artist and it has that nightmare, dark vibe which I love soo much. I am also loving Piri, Silent Night and Deja Vu. Their music style is like Japanese rock and I am loving it.

MoonByul – Eclipse

One of my favourite members from Mamamoo. Moonbyul is the main rapper and main dancer of the group and has excelled as a girl crush icon in Korea. Eclipse shows the amazing talent of Moonbyul and given off the vibe of edgy music, while watching the music video and seeing the live performances you realise that the style of this music is mostly seen by male groups and to see someone like Moonbyul use that style and be able to suit it to her needs makes me love this woman alot (She’s my Bias).

Lim Kim – Yellow

Lim Kim is one of my favourite solo artist and to see that she has released new music since 2015 was exciting but to see her touch into a new style like Yellow and Mong is amazing. You should see her interview with Asian Boss her opinions of women in Kpop and what her style of music is becoming, I really liked the interview and her new music is amazing.


OMG this song is fantastic!! This was a new discovery for me, I saw this song on my recommended and as soon I heard the chorus I was blown away. They are a recently new group so give some love to them.

Zico – Any Song

I have only listened to a few of Zicos music and I really like how creative he is. Bermuda Triangle is still one of my favourites for me but Any Song has become so loved on the internet because of the Any Song Challenge that he started, I still do the dance regardless.

I hoped you liked this post. I hope that I will be in the mood to talk about books next time.

See you soon xx

One Reply to “Kpop that I have been loving recently”

  1. Omg! So happy to see a multifandom girl! I’m so obsessed with kpop and people call me crazy. This post was like a song recommendation for me. Thanks!
    By the way, pls see my post on about kpop too! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

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