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The Witch’s Kind by Louisa Morgan

Barrie Anne Blythe and her aunt Charlotte have always known that the other residents of their small coastal community find them peculiar — two women living alone on the outskirts of town. It is the price of concealing their strange and dangerous family secret.

But two events threaten to upend their lives forever. The first is the arrival of a mysterious abandoned baby with a hint of power like their own. The second is the sudden reappearance of Barrie Anne’s long-lost husband — who is not quite the man she thought she married.

Together, Barrie Anne and Charlotte must decide how far they are willing to go to protect themselves — and the child they think of as their own — from suspicious neighbors, the government, and even their own family…

Published: 19th March 2019

Published Edition: 21st March 2019

Publishers: Orbit

Pages: 448

Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Paranormal

Goodreads Star Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


So I was aware of Louisa Morgan’s other book A Secret History of Witches and I had been eyeing on the book for a while but I hadn’t gotten around to purchasing it. I saw this book from the same author and thought I would give one of her books a go, when I read the blurb it was something that I would definitly like.

This book follows Barrie Anne Blythe, she is a young woman in the 20th Century while WW2 was nearing the end. Barrie loses her parents at a very young age and is then raised by her Aunt Charlotte, during Collage she meets a man named Will and she soon leaves Collage to be his wife. But at the same time, you are introduced to Barrie when she is a lot more older and living on her own with her dog, Willow, when one evening a big bright light shone into the ocean near her home and the next morning Willow comes home with a baby that the dog had found on the shore.

So there are some time jumps from when Barrie was younger, reading how she got to bethe person that was introduced ate the beginning as well. I am honestly not a fan of time jumps it confuses me and it sometimes makes me lose focus from the previous chapter. I found Morgan’s writing to be an easy read there were points where the characters would say something but you wouldn’t get an answer until later on in the book making yourself intrigued.

My only issue was not really understanding the scope of the baby, is it (blank) or (blank)? (Not telling you, so you have to read it to find out), I guess I am just used to one type of genre that I wasn’t expecting a seperate genre theme to be included. The question that I only have after finishing this book is, what is the baby? The author left it to the immagination of the reader so I have no clue.

When I saw the title I thought the book would include more magic but it’s more of the false belief and the undertone of magic. Aunt Charlotte has an all knowing gift that is used quite a lot throughout the book, it is like a premonition but also like a gut feeling. If this book was turned into a movie it would be something like Practical Magic, which I do have to admit that this book had parts of the book that were similar. There is more implied magic than hocus pocus and also a Grandmother that every person feared because of her all knowing gift.

I honestly couldn’t leave this book alone and wanted to finish it soo badly, I really liked learning more about Aunt Charlotte and Barrie Anne, I found Will to be the typical male dominating bastard and his arc in this book became so predictable that I didn’t care about what happened to him at the end.

Overall, this was an enjoyable book I wouldn’t mind that this book would have a second one. It’s just left off with more questions and I wanted to know more about this small family. It’s a good book, I would recommend it if you’ve read Practical Magic.


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