Hope that you are all safe. I know that the temptation to go out is inviting especially with the lovely weather we have currently for the bank holiday weekend.

So I was in the mood to do a blog post and of course I thought a book tag would be the perfect idea. This tag was created by Madison Mary from Princess of Paperback (link to the video).

Laying in Bed – A book you could/ have read in a day

The first book that comes to me would have to be The Girl who could move shit with her mind by Jackson Ford. This was such an enjoyable book to read, I fell in love with all the charcters, I enjoyed the friendship, the jokes/arguments and it gives you such a bigger understanding for Teagan. (my full review is here) 100% would read this book again.

Snacking – Guilty Pleasure

I couldn’t think of one book, I ended up with a series that I could read from start to finish. It would have to be the Brides of Chance Creek by Cora Seton. I started getting into her books when I was at the beginning of my twenties, a lot of her series are set in the same area so there are even some cameos of characters from other books. It’s military/cowboy romance which I always find myself drawn to when it comes to smutty books.

Netflix – a series you want to start

I have a lot of books that I have started and have yet to finish but I guess I would like to give the Casey Duncan series by Kelley Armstrong a second try. I read the first book City of the Lost and I really liked that book, when I got my hands on A Darkness Absolute I was on board but I had forgotton what had happened and when I reached to the third book Watcher in the woods I was like “fuck this”, I don’t know what it was, the third book took ages for me to read and by the time I finished it I didn’t care if there was a fourth book.

I think the reason why I was put off of continuing the series would have to be the continuous cover changes and it kind of frustrated me.

Deep Clean – been on your tbr the longest

The first book on my TBR list in my Bullet Journal is Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. Northanger Abbey and Emma are the only two book that I have yet to read, oh I always forget her other work Lady Susen. I remember watching the BBC adaption with Felicity Jones and Northanger Abbey was a favourite to watch but I have not yet picked up the book. Hopefully I will sometime this year.

animal crossing – book you recently bought because of the hype

I think the most obvious one would have to be Sarah J. Maas’s new book House of Earth and Blood. But I am going to pick up another book or series, it would have to be The Witcher series by Andrej Sapkowski. I have read the first two prequels but I have yet to start the series.

Productivity – book you learnt/or had an impact on you

The book that left an impact on me would have to be The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley. I read this book with no knowledge of the author or the series, I just picked it and felt so intrigued. While Maia is learning about her heritage, it isn’t until she meets her biological grandmother where the connection between Maia and Izabela are connected.

facetime – a book you were gifted

Technically I asked for it, it still counts as a gift. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas collectors Edition. Enough said.

self care – what is the one thing you have done recently to look after yourself?

I decided to get into Yoga. I have been wanting to do it but there were times where I felt uncomfortable to do it at home or pay for a session. I’ve started to do Yoga in the morning for 15 mins, sometimes I would do other poses during the day for my joints as I have really bad knees.

Bonus – name a book coming out soon

Urm, Urgh. I don’t keep up to date on upcoming releases but I do know that Random Shit Flying In The Air by Jackson Ford comes out in June. Oh, and The Black Song by Anthony Ryan is released in August.

And that concludes this book tag, I really like the questions and the tag itself was a really cool idea. I hope everyone is well and safe, hopefully a book will keep you company during this period. XX

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