Hey Everyone,

I know that being in isolation right now is turning people insane and being bored in a house and in the house bored (blame TikTok). While being in the house there have been things that I am quite grateful during this pandemic.


Ok I wanted to get the obvious one out first. So reading during this period has actucally been great. I am 10 books ahead on my Goodreads Reading challenge, I have only purchased three physical books and nineteen books on my kindle(all smutty romance, don’t judge) and my TBR list in my bullet journal is going down really well. I am very grateful that I am using the time to enjoy reading, getting through books that took me months and even years to pick up.


I know in my previous post I mentioned that I have started to take up on Yoga and while I am still at the beginners stage, I feel a difference in my body especially in my back and shoulders. I found a yoga channel called Boho Beautiful and Juliana has some amazing videos from beginner to advanced. I find myself enjoying the ones on flexibility but also ones that could wake me up in the morning, it’s only 15-20 min videos and I have seen some improvement.

Side note: I have been seeing a lot of Chloe Ting’s videos, as they keep appearing on my recommended and I did one workout and my heart felt like it wanted to get out of my chest. I am considering including that in my daily workout.

Animal Crossing

I have become fully addicted to playing Animal Crossing, I am still terraforming and trying to make it look like a forest/cottage vibe on my island as I found that concept to be so cute. I am also breeding a lot of flowers and I have still a lot to get through. My island is a 4 star island and I am not fussed if it’s 4 or 5 as long as I am happy with it that is fine by me.

Cloth Pads

Do you ever feel that when your time of the month happens, you want it to happen when you are not at work? Because I do. I feel uncomfortable and embarrassed at myself that I had forgotton. (Note: I keep forgeting to note down when my time of the month happens) Cloth pads are a god send, I have been using cloth pads since Nov last year and I am soo happy that I switched. It’s super comfortable and when you need to change you can put the used one in a wet bag and clip a new one in place, then wash all of them ready for the next month. You don’t have to worry about going out just to buy a pack of disposable ones, you can get a pack of 10 on Amazon and they come in a range to patterns. You can get ones on Etsy, they are even personalised based on your flow as well as preferred size.


I hope that you are all well, stay positive during this moment.


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