How are you doing on this lovely blustery Bank Holiday Weekend.

So recently I have been thinking about Kdramas, I mean I have watched alot and now I only watch at least 2 to 3 dramas (I’ve now become picky). So I was watching a drama and I started to think what Korean Dramas that could do well for an international audience, something that is completely different. I mean there have been a few dramas that were inspired by Western tv shows such as Suits and Doctor Foster but I would love to see it reciprocated. Now I know that there is a tv show of Bong Joon-ho’s movie Paracite but I am only doing this for fun and also the movie is a favourite anyway.

I just want to mention while I am doing this for fun, as I couldn’t think of anything else to post, and also this is just some concepts that I personally think that could fit well in Media over here. Dramas that have an intresting concept and story that could easily be translated to America or the UK. If I don’t mention a drama that you think that could do well then let me know and we can discuss about it.

1. Kill Me Heal Me

I think I have mentioned this drama before in one of my other Kdrama posts, but if you do not know.

This drama is about a man who has D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder), he has seven differnet identities and meets a doctor who is assisting him in helping with his mental disability. The reason why I think this should be an interesting concept is because it is about a man with a mental disability. D.I.D is looked as someone who is either a serial killer or crazy, this drama showcases how and what could affect a person who has multiply identities. I mean sure this drama does have a lot of funny moments but it doesn’t shy away from the reality of a human who needs help and support.

2. Let’s Eat

This is a drama about people living alone and they come together and eat food. I think one of the things that makes this drama series so popular is the passionate character of Goo Dae Young and his hobbie of eating food, while it does center on Goo Dae Young in all three seasons, the food itself is the speciality with the amount of mukbang shots of the amazing spread of food on the table you can’t stop craving for.

The reason why I think this would be a good concept is because it is a showcase of cuisine, whether if it is American, British, Chinese, Italian. It could hold a variety of cuisines and make an interesting show not just about food but also people’s lives.

3. Hi Bye Mama

I have kind of gushed about this drama in my recomendations but here me out.

This woman is brought back to life, a second chance to meet and talk to her daughter, to be a mother that she wanted to be. But of course there are drawbacks. This is a good drama that showcases religion, now I know that Taoism is not a religion that doesn’t get explored in Western media but this drama could introduce it. Even if the religion is changed or not, the focus of this drama is about family and friends. It’s about accepting loss over someone who was so important in their life and how that death affected them. There are a lot of flashbacks that shows how Cha YuRi was so important and that accepting death was something they couldn’t accept.

If you do want to watch this drama, I suggest that you keep a box of tissues with you because you will be crying while watching each episode.

4. Extraordinary You

This drama is about a young girl named Eun Dan-Oh, she discovers that her life is different but not only different but scripted. Dan-Oh is a character in a Manwha/Webtoon, once she discovers that she is a character in this Manwha, she tries to change her fate in the story by finding a charcter that could potentially change it for her. This is a love story under closed doors (technically shadow) but it does an excelent job at showcaseing a Manwha plot.

The reason why I think this would be a good concept is because of the Manga/ Manwha plot, a show about chacters in a scripted story. There is another drama that had a similiar concept which would also be really cool to see. It’s not been seen in the western media and it could be an interesting concept to be explored. Just think of Aha’s Take on me music video.

5. Age of Youth

Oh I adore this drama soo much.

This drama is about five roomates living in Seoul and going to University. Each character is different but also going through personal issuses, issues that center on women growing up in their 20’s. I love this drama for the hilarity and also the friendship that was made in this drama. It even got a second season and many people want a third (especially me), if you are looking to watch it, it’s on Netflix and they call it Hello My Twenties.

This drama is a great concept to show young women growing up, it’s life of independency. There is some great comedy and even moments of romance.

6. Hospital Playlist

This is the reason for this weekend’s post.

This drama centers around five friends who met each other in freshmen year of med school. Each charcter works in a different department but they always come together for food and also their taste in music. You watch these friends tackle their daily life, whether it’s an emergency or consulting patients but not only that you see these friends come together, they also understand and support one another in times of need. This is such a great drama that also showcases classic Korean music, I find myself loving more classic Korean music recently and this drama has an amazing soudtrack. The ensemble is amazing and absolutely hilarious, it’s a good laugh out loud drama with also some sincerity of the work they do.

The reason why I think it would be a good concept is because it has the combination of friendship and music. I know that people might not be a fan of music tv shows after Glee and HSM but this drama takes a different approach. The five friends make a band, they don’t perform publicly but perform in ones of the friends basements, they have a shared collection of music and they do it for fun because it keeps them together.

7. Good Casting

This drama is about a team of NIS agents who are after a suspect that they lost two years prior. Three female agents are assigned to go undercover and potentally find evidence to narrow down their suspect. This is like Charlie’s Angels but without Charlie, there is comedy and action. The fight scenes in this drama is spectacular, the stunt coordinator has done a fantastic job. There is a lot of funny scenes and espcially flashbacks of Baek Chan Mi’s life before she was an agent which showcases a love story that she had when she was in University. Choi Gang hee ( the female lead) is an amazing actress especially in comedy dramas, you should see her in a drama called Protect the boss.

I think there are alot of cop shows and while they do focus on the crime, this drama has an element of the fuuny side whether you think it is over the top or just right. There are moments of seriousness, sadness and a bundle of laughs.

I couldn’t think of another drama but if you think there is a concept that you would like to see let me know, I would love to talk about it.

Hope you are all good and well, enjoy your bank holiday weekend


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    So glad you mentioned Let’s Eat. Thank you for the recommendations!


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