So I was looking through some of my previous posts and I did one about what music that I have been loving and I wanted to do that again.

Not a bookish post this week but hopefully soon as I have a week off at the beginning of October, maybe I;ll do some reading then.

Winner – Hold

I don’t listen to much of Winner but I found this song to be so good. The video is hilarious and it looked like they had fun filming it. I really enjoy the song and it did lift me up during quarentine.

Dreamcatcher – Boca

I have simply become obsessed with Dreamcather and this song is fucking amazing. Dami’s rap in this song is perfection.

Sunmi – pporappippam

Listening to this song gives me a lot of late Wonder Girls music like Why so Lonely and I Feel You. 80’s fresh with the flare of Sunmi’s vocals. I had this song on repeat in the summer.

IU – eight (prod + Feat Suga of BTS)

IU is one of my ultimate favourite solo artists, I love her adorable personality, the way she excels in her acting jobs and as well as her stellar vocals. When this song came out I couldn’t stop crying over it, if you look into the lyrics it touches onto the past and how your youth is constantly changes but not only that, a hint of her late friend Sulli. This is a beautiful song and I highly recommend.

Mamamoo – wanna be myself

Anything Mamamoo does, I will love 110%. I think this song is for advertisment and yet somehow release a song that is soo good.

Wonho – open mind

Urm, do I have to explain about this. I saw the TikTok clip and nearly died. I watched the video and I couldn’t look away. I have listened to the entire album at least 20 times and I can’t stop because I love both the Korean and English version of this song and Losing You. I am obsessed, why did I not notice him in Monsta X.

I hope you are having a good day. I am now going to watch a Chinese drama xx

2 responses to “Kpop That I Have Been Listening Lately”

  1. Pavithra avatar

    Thanks for this review.. Definitely gonna listen to it! Kpop for life! 💜🎶💜


  2. carllbatnag avatar

    I love pporappippam too! Great choices 🙂

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