Hey everyone,

Hope you are well. This Xmas season an early treat was given to the fans of Taylor Swift like myself and now I am in an Evermore binge. This album is soo great, I loved folklore so much this album is such a treat. I haven’t ranked this album because this entire album is too brilliant to rank in my head but if you have a personal favourtite let me know.

There is a booktuber that I follow called Gabbyreads who does a book recommendations based on the songs by Taylor Swifts album and I know for a fact that she will do one for evermore so I am highly anticipated for it but I want to do my own.

I do want to mention, it is a mixture of genres because I couldn’t just stick to one genre.


“the more you say, the less i know, wherever you stray, i follow, i’m begging for you to take my hand, whreck my plans that’s my man”

Strange the Dreamer by Lani Taylor

While listening to this song I was reminded of a scene in Strange the Dreamer when Sari enters Lazlo’s dreams and saw his imagination of the lost city Weep and how they would meet together in his dreams and hold hands together. That’s what I felt with this song as well as the MV, it had a sort of storyline in the MV. This song is such a wonderful welcome into the album as well very upbeat and still intwine with folklore.

champagne problem

“because i dropped your hand while dancing, left you out there standing”

Persuasion by Jane Austen

I was listening to the song and tried really hard to connect to a book, after listening to the song over and over again, I thought I would connect the story of the song and thought of Persuasion. It was either Persuasion or Mansfield Park, as both stories are quite similar. I chose persuasion because I thought of how Anne walked away from Frederick leaving him standing alone, it felt very fitting.

gold rush

“and the coastal town we wandered ’round had never seen a love as pure as is, and then it fades into the gray of my day-old tea, cause it could never be”

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

This took some time to pick the right book for this song because it was very difficult. I chose The Tenant of Wildfell Hall because of how Gilbert is heavily interested in Helen. While Helen is so persistant on keeping her secret and refusing Gilbert’s proposal. The book itself is like a gold rush because when Helen was young, hopeful and willing to be married only for it to fade as she and her husband got older.

’tis the damn season

“if i wanted to know who you were hanging with, while i was gone, i would have asked you”

The Christmas Stocking by Katie Fforde

I don’t read a lot of Christmassy books but while listening to this song I thought of The Christmas Stocking because of the last scene in the story. Two characters meet and spend Christmas day together, both have a partner somewhere in the world but they are not spending the day with them. There is a twist at the end of the story but this lyric from ’tis the season really relates to it so easily.

tolorate it

“i wake and watch you breathing with your eyes closed, i sit and watch you, i notice everything you do or don’t do”

Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I think it was a line in ’tis the season that made me think of Daisy Jones because the book is a documentry of a fake band but also the interactions between the members, but this song really connects more to Daisy and Billy and how their relationship of two writers falling in love, and also how the lyric is “I sit and watch you”, it’s like how they sing on stage and you could feel the love between the two characters. And of course if you know how the book ends this song is like Daisy and Billy watching each other from a far.

no body, no crime (feat HAIM)

“no, no body, no crime, but i ain’t lettin’ up until the day i die”

Knife by Jo Nesbo

This song is probably one of my favourites, mostly because of the collaboration with HAIM who are also one of my favourite artists. I picked Knife because of the relationship with Harry and his wife Rakel, not only do you lose an integral character in this book but Harry is accused because he is a likely suspect. The book was very dark and twisted and this song fit too well with it.


“when did all our lessons start to look like weapons pointed at my deepest hurt”

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

You might think from just the title that it is a happy song but it’s a sad song. I thought of Just Listen because of how the perspective of the song. Annabel had a good life before the summer but it was all changed when her best friend ditched her and she was outcasted. I immediately thought about the scene when Annabel encounters her ex best friends boyfriend and how she was ashamed that her best friend only trusted her boyfriend and not her long-term friend. This book also centres on music and a friendship that helps you open up your emotions and secrets.


“it’s never too late to come back to my side”

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Yes, another TJR book. The lyric from dorothea made me think of the relationship between Emma and Jessie, especially the scene when you see the difference in answers over when Emma gets upset. While it is an emotional struggle to go back to a man she lost or the man that helped her through a loss, the lyric really brought that scene back in my head.

coney island (feat The National)

“break my soul in two looking for you, but you’re right here”

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

I had seen two interpretations as to what this song is about, one person says it is about a relationship between a father and daughter and how the daughter is not around anymore and the other interpretation is about a relationship that have been together for a long time and they don’t recognise love anymore. I wanted to pick something that wouldn’t fit into either scenario but I couldn’t think of any book that could corelate to the song. And then I thought about Bitten and more specifically about how Elena, the only female werewolve returning back to the pack home, reuniting with her pack family and her ex Clay but also fighting the struggle with her life in New York.


“your opal eyes are all i wish to see, he wants what’s only yours”

The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley

I was reading the lyrics to this song and I couldn’t stop thinking about The Seven Sisters. Mostly because of the relationship between Izabela and her secret lover Heitor that she meets in Paris. The song fits so well with the characters because of their strong feelings towards one another but also how Izabela is set to marry someone else even though she knows they can’t be together.

cowboy like me

“you had some tricks up your sleeve, takes one to know one, you’re a cowboy like me”

The Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris

I really liked this lyric of this song and immediately thought of The Gospel of Loki. I might have gushed about this book a few times. Loki is trying to have a good life but his old tricks keep coming back because the other gods ask him to but he does enjoy doing it anyway.

long story short

“pushed from the precipise, clung to the nearest lips, long story short it was the wrong guy”

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Yes, I have also included another Austen book. I thought of this book because of how Elizabeth looks at the whole courting and listening to her mother talk about it constantly. But not only that, Elizabeth had strong opinions over Mr Darcy even though it was Wickham who was the wrong guy.


“and if I didn’t know any better, i’d think you were talking to me now”

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

I loved how this song is in honour of her grandmother, Marjorie. I connected to how Taylor feels connected to Marjorie and thought about Vasya in The Bear and the Nightingale. I thought how Vasya still stays connected to old Russian folklore and pay her respects to them even when their contry is being converted to a new kind of religion.


“I’m fine with your spite, and my tears, my beers and my candle, i can feel you smoothing me over”

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

This was a tricky song to pick which books fit best then I thought about the title and it hit me with The Name of the Wind, it is a story about a man who became a legend and his story was never constructed until a scribe comes into a tavern and meets Kvothe. Kvothe gives him three days to tell his story and which starts off The Kingkiller Chronicles. Not only is is about a story that people need closure as to what happened to Kvothe it also would be closure to fans of the series who have been patiently waiting for the third and final book.

evermore (feat Bon Iver)

“catching my death, and i couldn’t be sure, i had a feeling so peculiar, that this pain would be for evermore”

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

I know I picked a sad book for the last song on the album but somehow both fit too well together, if you have not read this book it is about Violt and Finch. The both work together on a class project on finding spots that could make their state attractive. Finch manages to get Violet to open herself up but Finch is struggaling with his own issues and tries to keep it in. I don’t think about this book too much because I would automatically cry but it is not until the final marking at the end of the book where the song and book meet and it fits perfectly.

I did have a lot of fun making this post and I know I will be listening to evermore for the rest of the year because it is spectacular. I am living for both folklore and evermore, probably my favourite albums of the year. Already proclaiming it in the last month of this awful year.

I hope that you are well and happy, we are near the end of this year. We still have Christmas so lets celebrate what we haven’t achieved and look forward to what we will achieve for 2021.

Also if you are a TSwift fan, what is your favourite song from this album? And if you had to pick a book that you would recommend, let me know.

Happy Reading XX

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  1. TheReadersBay avatar

    Aaaah! So I love doing my own set of recommendations for songs too and omg you are SO RIGHT WITH WILLOW!!! Like, idk when I listen to willow I get nice, calm classical vibes and it made me think of the attraction between Darcy and Elizabeth🙈
    And yessss, no body no crime is my favourite song on the album too!! Taylor really nailed it with this album!

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