Hey Everyone,

Hope you are well and safe indoors. I hoped you had a good Christmas and New Years, I just wanted to get myself settled into the new year with thoughts and ideas for what I would like to do and also finish binge-watching Supernatural. I watched all 15 seasons from Nov 2020 to Jan 2021 and I am in mourning, it has been an adventure and certainly a challenge to not give up on the show but now I am obsessed and want to get tattoos in honor of the show (when all the dust and lockdown has lifted I will, I am determined).

Reading wize of 2020 has been very sucessful and it is thanks to the lockdown 1.0 with all that time avaliable to get stuck into a book. I went through quite a lot of books and I managed to calm down on the book buying as well, so I have about 83 books on my Tbr to go through.

I did want to do a best books of 2020 for me, I have just needed to get motivated to do it. I really want to try and get back into blogging and I felt very distant during 2020. So this is me trying (clearly I can’t get Taylor Swift out of my head), trying to get myself creative and motivated to it. There will be links to posts corolating to books mentioned here, if you want to see a full review.

The Girl Who Could Move Shit With Her Mind, Jackson Ford

Book review here

I was so excited with this book and I purged until the last page. I love the writing and especially love the voice for the characer, Teagan, she is a woman with a leap of faith and amazing abilities. I also liked the second book. I am looking forward to what is set to come, I am really liking how the arc of the story and the development to the characters. Now I have to wait for book 3.

Blood Song by Anthony Ryan

Book Review Here

I picked up this book with no knowledge of the author or the series and I loved it. I love the main character Vaelin Al Sorna, I loved the arc and journey, his friends that he considers family. I loved the world and magic system, I got so consumed into this book that I skipped the two books and picked up The Wolf’s Call which sets off years after the end of the third book of the series. I know jumping the gun but there was a character that I really liked in Blood Song and found out that they don’t return at all which pissed me off so I skipped.

The Thirst by Jo Nesbo

Book review here

2020 was definitely the year to get back into Jo Nesbo and oh my goodness this book oozed with the creep factor. Nesbo has done a brilliant job in creating one of the most darkest and creepist serial killer cases, each after the other making it more darker than the next. This book was one of them, I loved how I was returned with many familiar characters and especially Harry himself. I enjoyed the running arc of Harry but I hate how destructive Nesbo is towards his main character. It will be a while to for another Nesbo book but I will never forget this book and Knife (review here).

The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley

I have been slowly getting through this series, I adored the first book and I didn’t much like the second. So going into this book, I had very low expectations and it all turned out alright because I adored this one soo much. Star was the quiet type of the six sisters, she is often followed behind Cece who is very outspoken and bubbly, Star’s journey takes her to a bookshop in London and discovers the journals of a woman named Flora. Flora is a bright woman of her time and manages to fall in love with a man who is set to marry her sister, Flora realises that she cannot ruin her sister or her family and leaves. Flora then meets Beatrix Potter and the two women become really good friends. Star on the other hand meets the family who are decended from Flora and starts to fall in love with the family, she is also able to open up about herself and come out her shell behind her sister.

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

I mentioned this book during TomeTopple in November, it was incuded in my Wrap-Up. Post here

I had been wanting to pick this series for a really long time, I used one (technically three) credits from audible and listened while going to work or cooking dinner and I really enjoyed it. I loved the world building in this book and I also loved the magic system (even though it’s not really magic), I really liked the links towards the bible and also seeing from Lyra’s world how the bible is written in her world. I really liked Lyra and Will’s journey and I felt so conflicted with the ending but I was very content with what was concluded. I am curious as to what my own daemon would be like and wonder what it would be doing right now.


There wasn’t a lot of books that really gripped to me than these five did. While it did looked like I had a lot of fun reading but a lot of them were a little bit forgotten and not remembered. Hopefully it will be rectified for 2021. I don’t have a big plan for 2021, I just want to find good treasured books that I would fall in love with.

And I hope you have a great 2021, Happy Reading


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  1. chloemetzger avatar

    Ohh! I’m glad you mentioned The Girl Who Could Move Shit With Her Mind! It’s on my bookcase and I haven’t got to it yet. 🙂

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    1. Steph Burton avatar

      It is soo good, I hope you like the book xx


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