Scared to Death by Kate Media

A baby is abandoned in the middle of the night at Royal Surrey County Hospital. D.I. Bobby ‘Marilyn’ Simmons suspects the father is planning to take his own life following the violent suicide of his eldest son a year earlier. The race is on to find him.

Captain Ben Callan is investigating a suspicious death. Just sixteen years old, Stephen Foster has been stabbed in the neck with a screwdriver. Someone tried to save his life – but who? And why haven’t they come forward?

When psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn is called in to consult on both cases, she sees connections between the deaths of Danny and Stephen. And when she starts counselling a third traumatized young man, Jessie fears he faces the same fate

Published: February 2018

Publishers: Harper Collins UK

Pages: 432

Genre: Crime, Fiction

Goodreads Star Rating: 🌟🌟🌟


Note: This books contains sexual assault towards men and children.

I have had this book on m TBR for a really long time and mostly because I don’t read a lot of crime fiction anymore. I picked up the book becasue I found it to be interesting but I was silly enough to not notice that this was part of a series.

The book sets off with two cases one about an abandoned baby at a hospital and the father dissappearing but the other case is about a death of a newly soldier on duty. At the beginning, you have the cases and it’s detectives investigating it but also the main protagonist who is a phychologist for the military who happens to be assign for both of cases.

Jennie Flynn comes off as a woman who tried to hide her past, she had a tough upbringing and it is due to neglect by both of her parents. She has recently returned back into the UK and is pulled into work almost immediately. I don’t know much about the first book and what happens to the character but she has a lot of demons herself and somehow they are brought back due to the death of the soldier and also a new client of hers, who is struggaling to open up to her.

I felt the plot to be quite typical and also I knew that somehow the cases would be connected in some way. The book starts off very foggy and unclear, it takes a while to get yourself into the plot but as soon as the clues start to connect the fog starts to clear and you are racing to get to the end.

I gave this book 3 stars because while the book was interesting, I felt that this book wasn’t for me and I was trying to get myself to like it but that is not how you enjoy a book. The history of Jessie was interesting and how she connects to other characters that had a similar upbringing as her own. It came down to me feeling dissapointed in her parents because they couldn’t help her with her grief, they both just abandoned her.


I hope you are having a great day, also what crime/thriller novels should I read? I am in the mood for recommendations.

Happy Reading xxx

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