One of the things that I wanted to do this year was try and limit the amount of purchases because it can be excessive, especially if you end up DNFing the book or even don’t bother reading it, to me it feels unfair to the book.

So in January, I applied for a library card and borrowed some books. It’s books that I have been interested in but also to see if any are avaliable at my local library. I am mostly picking up books that are YA specifically.

I stopped reading YA about 4 or 5 years ago, mostly because I grew tired of the genre. I’m 27 years old and obviously my taste in books has marginly changed over the years but I’ve always found that YA books have similar formulas to each other that just made me not want to pick up another.

At the moment, I have borrowed 4 books.

I have already read Three dark crowns by Kendare Blake (technically I read about 140 pages and gave up. See what I mean now, I don’t have to feel guilty for wasting money)

I will be reading the rest in the month of February, I will not give up on them.

Also what YA should I go for? It’s been a while so what do you recomend?

Happy Reading xx

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