Walking in the woods
Getting deeper as I go in
My heart is beating fast
Thinking I am good kid

Fear is driving me
Faster as they near
Twigs snap and leaves crunch
He is hunting for me

Finding a tree so that I can hide
But my red cloak is easy to find

I am almost there
I must not stop

My monsters are hunting me
Reaching nearer behind

He's coming towards me
I stand and stay still
Holding my breath
Letting nothing escape

Clutching on my heart
Beating faster and faster
I must stay silent
Or I will be his lunch

Circuling around to find my scent
Listening closely for my breath
I hold on tight
Knowing he will bite

Quiet steps leave
I hold a little longer
Waiting till it is safe
I take one step and I wait

I am safe
I can go home
Small steps until I touch the door
Closing it tightly just to be sure

In my sanctuary
I am safe
I am home

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