Hey everyone,

I hope that you are well. I have to admit it does feel a bit weird to go back to work after being away for so long, I could feel it throughout my body. But that hasn’t shied away from reading. I have sucessfully completed my Goodreads Reading Goal of 60 books which shocks me really because I have never been able to read so much in the first half of the year.

Animal Farm by George Orwell


I have had this book for a really long time and at first I was a bit skeptical, I personally feel that this is a book that relates so much to our current events. Mistreatments from the people higher ups, bending rules to other peoples advantages and even doubting others because there is a lost of understanding. I grew very attached to the characters/animals, but I mostly got attached to Boxer the horse, who worked every single day with the only goal to work as hard as he can with minimal rest and it broke me when he got sick (too emotional to talk about it)

I quite liked this book and it surprised me how easily I was able to read it, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.

Before the Coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi


I have already written a review for this book two weeks ago, if you want to see my opinion you can find it here.

Spy X Family Vol 1-4


I have been seeing this series a lot through tiktok and other manga videos. And curiousity go the better of me and I bought it on my kindle (then bought the physical afterwards)

This follows a very dysfuncinal family. A spy, a telepath and an assassin are pretending to be a happy normal family. This is so hard to explain as to how the story works but you just have to read it and find out because it’s so good. I fell in love with Anya (the telepath) so quickly, she is my favourite character in this series, her determination to help her adopted dad succeed in his mission is so cute but also when she is interacting with the other students in her class. I am also liking the progression of Loid and Yor’s relationship, you know they will fall in love without a doubt but I am looking forward to when they both discover each other’s secrets.

Jujutsu Kaisen Vol 0, 2-8


I started to continue reading Jujutsu Kaisen and even though I’m read parts that I have seen from the anime but it was nice to see how much the animators were able to create from the art.

And speaking about the art, absolutely beautiful, so much detail in some scenes is amazing. My favourite panel would have to be Sukuna’s doman expansion, which if you are reading it on your kindle, the amount of detail that has been made is pure artwork and I would love to make an embroidery panel of it.

You are seeing this right, look at it!

Fairy Tail Master Edition Vol 3


Fairy Tail is a manga series that I am not rushed to read. There are so many volumes and so much content from Hiro Mashima that has been made throughout the years but I do enjoy falling back to Fairy Tail and see what Natsu, Lucy and friends are doing.

The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons


This book is part finished and part dnfed. I started this book in the middle of the month of April, at first I was curious but I wasn’t enjoying the continuous back and forth of the perspective of the story, it was very confusing. About half way through the book, I started to lose interest in the book and when I had reached the 400 page mark, I felt that I didn’t want to continue.

I don’t know if it was my mood or the book but to me it felt like it was going somewhere but got sidetracked with all the world building and magic system (technically singing and certain gems).


And that concludes for the month of April. While I am very glad to have completed my Goodreads challenge, I feel quite liberated from it, it might be weird that I don’t have a deadline but at the same time it feels as if I can run free in the fields.

I hope that your reading month was good and that you are enjoying the return of visiting shops and pubs. Hopefully this year can be better than last year.

Happy Reading xx

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