Hey everyone,

Hope you are well. The weather has been quite blustry this past week and recently I have been falling deeper into the rabbit hole of Manga and Manhwa. It is no secret that I have found myself in the process of collecting Manga and I have to admit, my collection is growing and I am starting to lose space to store it. So instead of buying manga and protecting my wallet, I have found a website to read Manhwa and I can’t stop finding series and reading it, it is becoming a problem to the point of me reading it while I am at work.

I did start a couple of series years ago and I have finally managed to find out what happens since the last time I read them, they were still uploading. I do want to mention that some of these series can go on for almost over a year so you have to be patient to wait for the next chapters.

Previously read/ completed series

note: these are chinese Manhua and the ones I started years ago happen to have sexual assault, physical abuse and even emotional abuse.

The deserted woman

author: Shihai, yoolook culture, You Lu Wen Hua

artist: You Lu Wen Hua

Kate Hsiao was sexual assulted by a man named Tan Shin who she thought was her boyfriend, when she discovers that she is pregnant her step-sister decided to decieve her and steal the baby claiming as her own to Tan who then married her. Kate was then tricked by her sister who poisoned her so that she couldn’t tell Tan that the baby was actually hers. All Kate wanted was to be near her son and stay with him but other people got in the way to the point she was kicked out. Years past and she allies herself with the enemy of Tan Shin’s company but Tan has alwasy suspected that there was something more about Kate but also he had grown affection to her than any other woman getting in the way.

This consists of 300 chapters and I have to admit, it drags so much. The focus is obviously the relationship between Kate and Tan but you also have other charcters trying to seperate them to the point of death which is so dramatic but that is why we are addicted to it. There are moments that I like and some moments that I wish weren’t included.

Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

author/artist: Yoolook Culture

Another manhua where the female lead gets sexually assulted and discovers she is pregnant with twins. Manning Du discovers that she had sex with another man, not her boyfriend, and decided to keep the baby without knowing the father of the child. But with a chance meeting, she meets the man but they both don’t know that they slept with each other.

This series is under 300 chapters but it does drag a bit with other complications like a sick child, lies and deciet. I think this was a decent one compaired to the other two that I’ve read. I really liked the relationship of the twins when they are together. The romance is good at some points but I feel like the author wanted to strach the romance for so long to include tension.

Prince’s Private Baby

(I ended up skipping some chapters because I still remember when I first read it.)

author/artist: YunDuan Manhua

Again, another manhua with sexual assault (I am dead serious, this is one of the reason why I stopped reading Manhua). Xiaomo was tricked by her half sister for money, but she didn’t know that the man she slept with turned out to be a prince (technically she didn’t find out until later). She discovers that she is pregnant and her half sister and step mother who are greedy money grabbers, pay off the staff and steal one of the two babies. The half sister goes to the prince and claim the child is her’s and his, he then has no choice but to marry her but he doesn’t trust her. Xiaomo swears she gave birth to twins but because the doctors were secretly bribed, she took home her other son and raised him. Years past and the twins meet each other accidently and they are then accidently switched, the twins start to believe that they are related and they try really hard to prove it but obviously the evil half sister/aunt get in the way.

I was very frustrated with this one the most, mostly because I really wanted the twins to reveal themselves in front of their parents and if you really wanted to see it, I suggest to skip to the last ten chapters. This story really dragged and I really lost my patience at times. In my eyes, it would have been best if this was less than 200 chapters.

All three may be romances but I am not a fan of sexual assault, I don’t how I managed to get myself into these stories.

Currently Reading/Waiting for updates

The Princess Imprints a Traitor

author: Lee RinBi

artists: COPIN, Yeondam

This follows the 7th princess, Evenrose, of 18, her families reign is being destroyed by the leader of the homonculous. She was then poisoned by her younger sister, she then wakes up eight years into the past and has decided to change the path of her life to not repeat what effectively happens in the future. The imperial family each have a personal guard and Evenrose has refused for a long time but since she already knows what happens in the future, she decides who she wants as her personal guard Michael who also happens to be the king in the future that destroys her home. With him by her side, she feels that she must change history in anyway she can in order to prevent the inevitable.

At the moment, there is 25 chapters and I am desperate for the next one to come out. So far I am really liking Evenrose, she has already calcuted as to what her plan of action and all her half siblings are noticing this change. I am hoping Evenrose and Michael will develop feelings for one another as it has been cleared at the beginning that Michael did want to be her personal guard, so I am praying that they develop feelings. But not only that, some possibility for Michael to figure out the truth and it could also bring them together even more. I have no clue as to how long this will be for and I have yet to read the novel online yet, but I will.

The Villainess lives Twice

author/artist: Pichibe 피치베리

Instead of fighting the villain, why not use her to your advantage. Artizea is the older sibling to the emperor and she helped him get there but after years of assisting him, she was then betrayed and imprisoned. Her hands and tongue were cut off because she cannot use her talent to help herself at all. One night in her cell, she is carried out and meets Lord Cedric who begs her to save the empire but unfortunately there is nothing that she can think of that could stop her brother for good. Until she does some blood magic which transports her back in time when she is 18. She has a second chance to alter events and find a better solution than the one she was previously in.

I really like the concept of the villian getting a second shot but not only that, a better shot for everyone else. This is a little over 50 chapters and each one get better after the other, I am really liking the progress of the story and I am intrigued as to what evil plan that she has up her sleeves but I also love how innocent she is when it comes to showing affection towards Lord Cedric, it may be a contractual marriage but the sparks are there and I know it will take a while for her to realise her love towards him.

Under the Oak Tree

author/artist: Kim SooJi

This Manhwa follows Maxi who has grown up with no affection from anyone because of her stutter and her habit of biting her nails, three years prior her father marries her to a knight, Rifton, and after her wedding night he leaves her to fight a dragon on an expedition. Maxi’s father believes that her husband will ask for a divorce and leave her for another woman that was infavoured by the king, but instead her husband comes to her father’s home, collects her and takes her to their home which is where she should have been all this time. Maxi second guesses herself and belives that he doesn’t love her but is surprised by how much affection he has for her. (Note: first chapter ends with him shirtless and I couldn’t stop drooling at it)

There isn’t many chapters, about 25 at the moment, but somehow I am really enjoying it and patiently waiting for the next one. I am just hoping for the two to open up their feelings instead of making out, which I don’t have a problem about that, I just want to see the progress of Maxi and Rifton’s relationship as a married couple. I personally feel that a lot of truth will come to light about her upbringing in her family but also the amount of physical and verbal abuse that she recieved from her father. I do like the magic system, at the moment it hasn’t been explored as such but I am looking forward to seeing more of it.


Just a small reccomendation since I already know that this is a long post and I thank you dearly for staying on here and reading it.

Light and Shadow, Ryu Hyang

This is a 100 chaptered Manhwa and I really like this one, the story is great, the relationship is so sweet and I love the ML and FL. I do reccomend this one and very easy for someone new who is interested in reading Manhwa.


I have noticed that I’m more drawn to Korean Manhwa than Chinese Manhua, it’s just I have found the stories to have more love an appreation to the female lead. The ones I mentioned at the begining really frustrated me with how much struggle they put on the FL but also I am not a fan of a storyline being stretched out for over 200 chapters. But I am finding the FL in Manhwa to be more respected and badass.

Again, thank you for staying towards the end, I really appreciate it. I have been a little bit more obsessed with reading Manhwa online than read anything at the moment. Hopefully at the end of the month there is something to talk about.

Happy Reading xx

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