Hey everyone,

I thought I would do a change up on my blog, I have fallen into a pattern of typing a review of a book I’ve previously read and then doing a wrap-up, and I am getting a little tired of it. I also have been thinking of doing book discussion topics, and also including other things that I have been passionate about.

I haven’t been doing many kdrama reviews as I have not been watching many, although Penthouse 3 is back and I am looking forward to that. I’ve considered doing book hauls but I am not much of a fan of hauls because it’s too tempting to buy more and I want to minimise the amount of books, since I have very minimal space in my room.


Writers and Lovers Review

The Once and Future Witches Review

I have already written two book reviews this month, which you can find the links above. I have also read two manga volumes and a YA book.

Serpant and Dove by Shelby Mahrin

SOD is a popular YA book that I have seen countless of times and I thought I would give it a try. Suprisingly I quite enjoyed this book, I felt that there were some acknowledge mentions that were similar to The Once and Future Witches. I did find it easily sussed when it came to Reid and Lou’s upbringing but I did like the relationship. (I do want to mention that I had been reading so much Manhwa that I started to imagine the book styled like it, I guess it is a sign for me to stop reading Manhwa late at night)

Goblin Slayer Vol 1

I had seen this manga a few times and I got very interested (I even bought most of the series already from Book Depository). I just want to mention this is a manga rated mature because of the bloody massacure as well as there are naked women, it’s one of the reasons why this comes with the plastic wrapping. I do want to see how this series goes, I am curious of how this world works as well as the development of characters that have been introduced.

Demonslayer Vol 1

I really enjoyed the anime and thought I would give the manga a try. I read most of this during the bank holiday weekend that has just passed, I recognised some scenes from the anime but it was nice to see it in manga format.


For that past ten years, I have been wanting to publish a book but I have struggled to even find a concept that I wanted to do. I kept having ideas that either pop into my head or it coming from a dream, either on a piece of paper or on my phone. At the moment, I am writing something, I don’t want to give much of it away because I don’t want to psych myself up, hoping that I would finish it. It is a bit of a struggle with the fact that I am back at work, I have only been able to write two and a half chapters of the book but I still haven’t planned out what the future chapters yet.


If you don’t know, I have been getting into embroidery, specifically anime embroidery. I discovered it last year and bought a starter pack on Amazon. Since then I have a collection of embroidery thread, a case for my needles and thread cutters, as well has different shaped hoops. If you follow me on my instagram, you will see my account has merged embroidery and books together, which I really like a lot.

Here are some I am currently working on:

I am a little bit obsessed with Gojo Satoru, so I am hoping this comes out really well.
I adore how this looks, I am going to try using watercolour because I feel like it would suit each other so well.
You might have seen this photo before. I have to say that this is a slow progress because it is very detailed.

I hope your May was great, the weather has certainly picked up and hoping better days.

Happy Reading xx

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