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It has been some time since my last post but I honestly lost my focus on other hobbies and neglected on this blog then I got an email from WordPress for the renew of payment which I completly forgot.

Recently I re-watched my favourite 2000’s tv show, Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls followed a mother and daughter in a small town in Connecticut, Lorelai runs an Inn locally and her daughter is a student at the local high school. Then Rory, gets the oppertunity to join a private school but it was the issue of payment which setback the problem. It resulted with Lorelai going to her parents asking for a loan which they agree with the condition of a weekly friday night dinner that becomes a staple of the show.

I grew up watching this show, I believe I was 12 when I first saw an episode. I remember alot of the earlier seasons than the second half, I try and watch the show as much as I can, it is a big comfort show to watch, also watching it in the Autumn period makes it even more cozy.

This is going to be a big post of my thoughts and feelings of the 7 year show, I will be doing the revival in another post as I believe it deserves it’s own special place.

So grab a cup of coffee, grab as much snacks you can to fill the table and enjoy the post.

Early seasons I have more love for

I favor the earlier seasons than the later ones, I would sometimes stop what I am doing and watch some hilarious moments at the Inn or a funny line being said by someone. I enjoy and savour the moment.

I love the development of Rory getting to know her Grandparents, it may be one of the things that Lorelai feared but she wouldn’t push Rory away from getting the oppertunity. I will say that Emily, in the 1st season, was really hard to like but as the seasons progress, she is more accepting and enjoyable to watch. I do like the scene when Lorelai shows photos of Emily in Jail in S7.

One of the things, I enjoyed watching was the relationships each Gilmore goes through. While Lorelai had a relationship with a few men but it certainly showed how much she struggles to find happiness outside the love of her daughter, her engagement with Max was a little meh for me, I wasn’t much of a fan of Max to begin with and to see her feelings of getting married to him changed at the beginning of S2 certainly showed how unsure if her life needs to have the dress and church bells. I have always felt that she couldn’t follow Emily’s suggestions because she didn’t want to follow the standard life of an adult and wanted to pave the world with her own brand of independency. It wasn’t until she realises that there may be something with Luke and considers the relationship, and I love it.

Rory’s love life is always been talked about because there are people who are Team Dean, Team Jess and Team Logan. Rory had great boyfriends, each are different to one another but also helped Rory paved to be the woman that we are watching. Dean was the perfect first boyfriend, he was kind and caring but he was also cautious and fearful of losing her. Whether he was intimidated with Jess or the life that Rory has fallen herself into in S5, his first thought was always Rory and how he wanted to spend so much time with her, sure it put a strain at times but it can look sufficating. Jess was far off different than Dean, he may be smart and intellectual as Rory but he preferred a life away from the books and school, standing up at the view and enjoy being there in the moment. I agree with other people that Jess had the best maturity than others, he became a man before anyone else noticed. But he was not the best boyfriend towards Rory, he didn’t make an effort at times and avoided her when things were getting complicated. As for Logan, he was a comfort and a mystery each time, Rory tried following the life that Logan was so used to doing like casually dating but we knew that it was out of character and Rory chose to not continue in the relationship. She never twisted his arm to start dating but he certainly is interested trying something new like Rory did. The relationship may have lasted longer than the other two but there were many things that happened in the relationship which resulted them looking like Lorelai and Christopher, Sherman-Palladino even confirmed it.

Rory and Jess, Season 3, talking about a book. And Rory being a book tease.

Season 7 issues

It is no apparent that if the creater and writer of the show leaving, somehow the writing and the show shifts into a phase of The Twilight Zone.

I have to admit that while Season 7 was so different without Amy Sherman-Palladino, but I didn’t mind it. No matter how many negitives that you can find, the characters never changed, the story still continued and it ended in a fitting conclusion leaving the door open for the characters to return in the Revival in 2016.

First things to point out was the end of Lorelai and Luke, towards the end of season 6 there was this gut wrenching feeling that the couple, that many people wanted together, was going to break up. I’ll be honest with you, it was hard to decide which person’s reasons were right and fair. Luke discovers that he is a Dad to a 12 year old girl and to discover that she is smart and willful, but by hiding it from Lorelai for two months (TWO MONTHS) it was unfair to hide it from her. Lorelai has held the planning for the wedding so that she could have her daughter by her side and when everything was planned once the mother daughter relationship was mended, she had to cancel all those things just so Luke could get to know his daughter. And once the relationship lead to the ultimatium in the S6 finale, Lorelai showing up at Christopher’s home was not surprising.

The relationship of Christopher and Lorelai has always been a tug of war, one person wanting the other but then losing the game when the feelings are not recieved. As many fans of the show would tell you that Christopher was immature and continuously wanting to be married to Lorelai, to have the happy family that their parents wanted when they were sixteen but Lorelai knew that it wouldn’t work, that their lives have changed and altered from the day she became pregnant. But it has always been an afternthought of “What would it have been like if Lorelai and Christopher did get married?” and they did in Season 7. I have always felt it was inevitable for the couple to be together and show to the audience that it was never going to work, I believe this gives a bigger outlook of how feelings and destiny are two seperate things.

Rory has a long distance relationship with Logan, him being in London and she is at Yale, at times she does look alone. I really loved the introduction to Lucy and Olivia, they did fit the roles if Madeline and Louise were there. Let’s also talk about the secret friendship of Rory and Marty, personally I liked Marty and was very sad that Rory neglected their friendship when she started to date Logan, so for him to hide his friendship was very unsettaling. Personally it would have been better if Rory told Lucy instead of Logan. Logan and Rory have been very rocky in their relationship, Logan’s business was doing so well until it tanked. You had to feel bad but it put a strain in the relationship with Rory, to the point of Rory leaving town with Lorelai and Emily for Mia’s wedding. Speaking of wedding, Logan proposing to Rory (what!), I hate how Rory forgives him so quickly but for him to propose to her and getting approval from Lorelai, shows how desperate he is to clutch on the one thing left in his life that makes him happy. I am happy that Rory turned down the proposal, reminding me of Lorelai in the early seasons, but it also shows how much she knows of herself and wants to marry when she is ready.

Least favourite season 6

I have always told myself that Season 6 was my least favourite season. I never liked how Rory chose to leave Yale and live with Emily and Richard. The fact the mother and daughter weren’t talking to each other showed how tight they were together, Lorelai was angry and furious over what Emily and Richard did but that shot in the Season 5 finale of Lorelai looking at Rory, showed how much she had not only lost her to her parents but lost the only person that mattered and cared for in her entire life, for her to walk away was gut-wrenching.

Luke and Lorelai, as an engaged couple, are great and I adore how Luke was so passionatly into the idea of turning Rory’s life back to Yale and steering it to the career that she has always dreamed of having. But one of the things that I loved was them learning more about each other, whether if it was about the Twickenham house that Luke desperately tried to get towards the end of S5, the expansion of the home and living together (don’t forget Paul Anka the dog, not the man). Obviously, one of the changes was the introduction to April Nardini. I don’t want to blame a character to be the issue of the friction but people like to pin the blame on her, if it wasn’t April entering into the picture it would be the re-return of Christoper who keeps entering and leaving into Lorelai’s life.

Let’s talk about the other Gilmore, Rory’s life has altered. It is not going the way she had planned and it’s painful to just see how bad it was. It felt so out of character to act this way, it felt like as if someone had posessed the body of Rory and did all theses things just for the sake of hilarity. I have never been a fan of Logan, he came off to me as a man who enjoys the luxery of being rich but thinks the only way to displease his parents is by being part of the Life and Death Brigade. Peronally, (please don’t hate me Logan shippers) Logan was not enough for Rory, he would be around her and amased at the things that she is capable of but he doesn’t challenge her or force her back to Yale, he just accepts her decision for a month and then doesn’t bother trying, as if that is the life of my girlfriend and I am happy. So when they took a break and didn’t speak until the new year, I wasn’t surprised at how ridiculous he treated those other women as pillows for the night and then go back to Rory, trying to forget what he had done. Regardless of a break or a break-up, being in a relationship means you have to talk and be open with your feelings, which he didn’t do. I felt the break-up should have lasted to the end of the season with the after thought from Rory considering how she feels towards Logan.

One of the only things that I liked, was the return of Jess Mariano. Whether you are a Jess fan or not, Jess was the only person to who made Rory realise that she is not living the life to what she was dreaming for. I love that scene in S6 and I have watched it multiple times because he is right. He doesn’t recognise the Rory Gilmore he knew and loves, he is seeing someone different and how that snaps her head back to Yale is fantastic because he always challeneged her to do things, to go the extra mile, he was able to make her see her life and had to leave.

The iconic Rory downfall

One of the most talked out conversations about Gilmore Girls, was the downfall of Lorelai Leigh Gilmore (aka Rory). From the very beginnning, Rory has been this studious teenager that has read all the classics and many adult literature, to have the same taste of music, films and TV as her mother. What was it that made the character become so great to what the hell am I seeing here?

You could say it all changed when she lost her virginity to her first boyfriend, Dean who was also married to another woman. Personally, I think it must have been all the changes around Rory, first year at Yale, her last relationship didn’t have closure until the end of the season and after encountering her ex multiple times in Stars Hollow, it was as if she was out of her depth. She knew the world living in Stars Hollow and going to Chilton, The first three years of the the show was her comfort place and it is the fear of growing up, venturing off into something new and unfamiliar, which many of us are discovering in our Twenties. It is said that you can learn through your mistakes but sometimes those mistakes are often repeated (foreshadowing A Year in the Life).

While many people may have noticed, Rory has had a very cushy life. Luxury has been given to her, her mother treats her as a best friend while her Grandparents often treat her as if she is the most precious items in their home and it’s not until Season 7 when you see her lose internships and oppertunties to get the dream she wanted. And how the reality of the world isn’t always handed to you on a silver platter. While it still continues on in the revival, it shows how Rory is used to things handed to her and gets emotionally upset to the point of losing the sense of character that we would have liked to have seen developing.

One of the things I would have liked throughout the show was someone to look and listen to the life of Rory and give a big impactful advice, that can shake Rory to work hard and earn her worth into the world. And yes, we did get that through Jess because he was the type of guy that could push her to do things that she should have achieved in her twenties, that could give her a voice of reason through all of her decisions and life choices because it need to be guided better.

Development of Gilmore Girls

While the show was set before the internet was quicker, people had pagers and flip phones but it was always nice to look at something so familiar to many people my age and plus. Like many shows, there are many moments where people will remember a scene or quote a hilarious line but they always forget a moment or a character back from chirstmas past returning, like Max Medina. I wasn’t particularly fond of his return in S3 but if Lorelai needed closure from what she did then I am not there to judge, it just felt so coincedental that whenever Lorelai is in a relationship, one of her exes somehow comes back into the picture making her romantic life very complicated to the point of breaking up. You could say she self-sabotages her own relationships but it was the relationship with Luke that she was determined to keep.

I can’t tell you how much I adore Luke and Lorelai, they were perfect for one another and to see how well they know each other so well makes me smile. I do love the building stage of their relationship in S4, as it sets off the relationship that many fans wanted to happen, I enjoyed them learning about one another during the relationship and how much effort they are putting into the relationship.

Another thing to mention is Lane Kim, the Asian Best Friend, while having a best friend who has an obsession of collecting music from every decade and desires to become a famous drummer makes you love the development of Lane. She had probably the best development throughout the show, her relationships with Dave or Zach and even with her mother was such a difference in comparrison to the relationship of Lorelai and Emily. My only tidbit would have to be the Korean, when I say bad I mean bad, I think the only one who was fully Korean was Lane’s Grandmother who came on the day of her wedding. Lane’s storylines in the later seasons were always something to enjoy and for her to get married and have kids was funny and enjoyable to watch.


And that is aboutit , I hope you reached towards the end of this post. It was certainly the longest post that I have done in a long time. If you have watched the show or not, what do you think? Would you want to watch it?

Also Scott Patterson, aka Luke Danes, has a podcast called All In. He is watching the show for the first time and talks about what he remembers, he also has guests with him to chat about working with Amy and on the set of Gilmore Girls. I highly recommend it.

Hopefully soon, I will try and get back into blogging but also to get back into reading. This time every year gets very busy for me and it makes me lose focus on all my hobbies.

See you soon xx

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