Hey everyone,

Happy New Year!!

Hope you are well during this wintery season. I have been super busy with work and I have been feeling unmotivated to read and catch up on my blog. I have been using this blog for 4 years now, which is insane to me because that also means that I have been blogging for a total of 8 years or something, and that just blows my mind.

This year, I want to be better and keep up to date on my reading but also keep up to date on this blog. I have been making excuses to use the weekend as the only free time to write up a blog post, I want to do more and work harder to feel satisfied with this passion of sharing love of books. I have a large tbr to get through and focused my priorities to focus on it during the year of 2022 but I also want to do more re-reads. I noticed I didn’t do any re-reads last year and I enjoy going back to a really good book.

I want to talk about things that have brought me joy in the last couple of months at the end of 2021.

Animal Crossing

For most of 2021, the game console was put to the side but obviously during the recent update I couldn’t resist playing it again. Not only that, but I have also restarted the game which has been really fun and I hope to make more fun and decorative than my first island. I even got the expantion park of Happy Holiday Paradise and I have been having so much fun with that.


During most of December, I spent a lot of free time starting more embroidary projects and I have considered selling online. I recently been working on the Nesuko piece which has been so much fun to make and I love my new seat frame which helps me keep the hoop in place, so I don’t have to keep adjusting it.


Honestly, this movie has lifted me out of depression and I am not diagnosed. Work has been busy and I spend more time there than I do at home. So watching this movie has really lifted my spirits, I do get the songs in my head every single minute of the day but I have not watched a movie that has been so relateable to me. And I still cry at the end of All of Me.

A New Bullet/Reading Journal

I love starting the new year with a new journal, I have migrated my bullet journal into a reading journal and I am loving it so much. It will focus more on my physical TBR but also help me write up more blog posts in the furture.

Holo Taco

You don’t know the love and joy I have for Holo Taco. It may be pricey but the quality is imaculate. I gained a colleciton of Holo Taco recently and whenever Christine releases another collection, I am like gimme gimme.

I have also started to watch Turkish dramas, somehow my TikTok algorithm keeps showing scenes from Turkish dramas which leave me curious as to what happen next. I ahve only watched a couple series, one is Baht Oyuno (Twist of Fate or Game of Chance) and I am in the middle of Ask Mantik Initkam (Love Logic Romance, technically a remake of a Kdrama called Cunning Single Lady). If you have watched any Turkish Dramas, I would love some recommendations.

I hope your Bank Holiday Weekend has been great, I know that going back to work feels like a drag but it does pay the bills. I hope you are well and safe and may this new year bring you joy, happiness and love.


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