About Me/Review Policy


My name is Steph, I am 25 years old and I live in England, UK. I live in a small town that is quite close to Stonehedge. I am also Half-Thai, I am not fluent in the language but I know a few phrases.

I love reading, I had gotten into reading when I was in Secondary school with my first book call Room Thirteen (Author’s name I have forgotten). The genre that I go for the most is fantasy and romance, I am a woman who loves to see two people fall in love with one another and I also love reading books set in a world far beyond our own.

My Review Policy

If you are interested in allowing me to review your book, you can contact me through my email cozythai93@outlook.com

The genre that I would most likely to read is fantasy, romance and crime. I am open into consideration to review books from other genres but I mostly would not accept Science-Fiction and Horror.

If the book that is set to release in the upcoming months, I will write a review by the time the book is published. It will be my full honest opinion, so if I did not enjoy the book I will still give a review.

S x