About Me/Review Policy


My name is Steph.

I am from Wiltshire, England and have been a long fan of reading for over 15 years. I grew up riding the train to Hogwarts with Harry Potter, ran away from Count Olaf with the Baudilaire children, attended a spy school of girls and fell in love with men in Cotswolds. I have also grown up with witches, Austen, vampires and Sanderson. My world of reading has expanded throughout the 28 years of my life, books have always ventered off with me on my many adventures outside of the house and they always keep me company whenever I needed to be elsewhere.

I may have quoted Rory Gilmore in my own interpreted way but she has always been an insipration to me when it comes to the world of books and I love sharing my love and passion. This blog has been a challenge but at the same time it has been a great outlet of my hopes and dreams of life.

Enjoy the blog, have a cup of coffee and a book on hand, as we talk and talk about the great world of reading.

S x

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