10 Best Books by Tessonja Odette

Tessonja Odette is a gifted author known for her captivating storytelling, richly built fantasy worlds, and unforgettable characters. Her books often transport readers into enchanting realms where magic, romance, and adventure intertwine. I created this list of the best books by Tessonja Odette to highlight her works based on my personal opinion after reading them.

1. Curse of the Wolf King

Curse of the Wolf King

“Curse of the Wolf King” is a poignant retelling of the classic “Beauty and the Beast” tale with a fae twist. The story revolves around Gemma Bellefleur, who yearns to escape her past. However, fate has different plans as she finds herself entangled with a fae king cursed with a deadly affliction. Through a devious pact aiming to break the curse, Gemma discovers love and courage in the most unexpected places.

2. Heart of the Raven Prince

Heart of the Raven Prince

This Cinderella-inspired narrative introduces readers to a playboy prince in need of a decoy bride and a servant girl desperate for a disguise. The story unwinds amidst royal schemes and shifter magic, creating a romantic yet adventurous journey as Prince Franco and his unexpected bride navigate the murky waters of deception and love.

3. To Carve a Fae Heart

To Carve a Fae Heart

“To Carve a Fae Heart” is the opening book in The Fair Isle Trilogy, boasting an engaging enemies-to-lovers fantasy narrative. Set in a world intertwined with the Entangled with Fae series, this tale unfolds twenty years prior, following the young woman, Evelyn, as her world shatters upon being chosen as a bride to a fae king to prevent a looming war between humans and fae.

4. To Wear a Fae Crown

To Wear a Fae Crown

The romantic tension escalates in “To Wear a Fae Crown,” the second book in The Fair Isle Trilogy. Being a forced bride to a fae king was assumed to be torture, yet the protagonist finds herself questioning her feelings as she becomes entangled in fae politics and unexpected affections.

5. Kiss of the Selkie

Kiss of the Selkie

A riveting retelling of “The Little Mermaid,” “Kiss of the Selkie” introduces a selkie, Maisie, with a lethal kiss and a handsome fugitive seeking a marriage of convenience. As Maisie navigates the dangers of both land and sea, she must make choices that could alter the fate of both fae and humans.

6. To Spark a Fae War

To Spark a Fae War

In this thrilling conclusion to The Fair Isle Trilogy, the protagonist’s fae heritage is revealed, blurring the lines between friend and foe. As both human and fae councils seek blood, a war looms, threatening everything the protagonist fights for—love, freedom, and the fae she’s sworn to protect. Amidst the danger, she, her mate, and rebel allies must fight to prevent devastation.

7. A Taste of Poison: A Snow White Retelling

A Taste of Poison A Snow White Retelling

In this imaginative retelling, half-fae Astrid Snow finds herself on the run when accused of poisoning her father, the King, by her stepmother, the Queen. With a huntsman on her trail and a magical mirror that reflects one’s worst qualities, Astrid must navigate a world where friends are few, but enemies are aplenty.

8. A Dream So Wicked

A Dream So Wicked

This Sleeping Beauty-inspired narrative follows Briony Rose, who discovers her fae princess heritage after two decades in a fae convent. As she’s burdened with a kingdom on the brink of collapse, a vicious rivalry and forbidden desires emerge, challenging her newfound identity and the curse that only her enemy can break.

9. A Throne of Shadows

A Throne of Shadows

Opening the Prophecy of the Forgotten Fae trilogy, this book introduces a feisty outlaw, Cora, and a conniving prince, Teryn. While Cora seeks vengeance against the mage who wronged her, Prince Teryn aims to save his bankrupt kingdom. Their paths cross in a tale filled with secrets, betrayals, and a war of magic and shadows, as they unite to face a common enemy threatening to enslave all​.

10. To Rule A Fae Throne

To Rule A Fae Throne

“To Rule A Fae Throne” serves as a short story prequel to “The Fair Isle Trilogy,” specifically leading up to the first book, “To Carve a Fae Heart.” This narrative explores the early interactions between King Aspen of the Autumn Court and Evelyn Fairfield. The tale reveals how their encounter significantly impacted not just Evelyn’s life but also King Aspen’s, providing readers a glimpse into Aspen’s perspective during this pivotal moment.

My Take On Her Books

Having journeyed through the enchanting and diverse realms crafted by Tessonja Odette, I find myself utterly spellbound. Each book, with its unique narrative and captivating characters, is a passport to a world where the age-old battle between good and evil takes on a fresh and imaginative guise. The romances are heartfelt, the adversities are thrilling, and the magic is simply beguiling.

Odette’s ability to weave folklore and fantasy into relatable, human (or sometimes fae) experiences is nothing short of magical. Her books have been a refuge, a place where the heart finds both adventure and solace. From the spellbound halls of fae courts to the perilous depths of enchanted forests, every story is a call to explore the uncharted territories of both the mystical lands and the human heart.

Whether it’s the yearning for justice in “A Throne of Shadows,” the exploration of forbidden love in “A Dream So Wicked,” or the magical reimaginations of beloved fairy tales in “A Taste of Poison” and “Kiss of the Selkie,” each book is a testament to Odette’s prowess as a storyteller. Her ability to entwine romance, adversity, and self-discovery in a cocoon of fantasy is a call to dream, to hope, and to believe in the magic that lies both within and beyond.

As I turned the last page of “To Rule A Fae Throne,” I was left with a sense of longing, a desire for more of the magic Tessonja Odette so effortlessly weaves. Her books are not merely a read, but an experience, a journey through the myriad emotions that define the human—or sometimes fae—existence.


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