Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life Book Review

Jordan Peterson, the acclaimed Canadian clinical psychologist and professor, expands upon his earlier work in “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life”. This book delves into the concept of finding meaning and stability in a chaotic world by adhering to 12 additional life rules.

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“Beyond Order” offers 12 more life guidelines to help individuals navigate through life’s chaos and embrace a balanced existence amidst turmoil.

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life

TitleBeyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life
AuthorJordan B. Peterson
GenreSelf Help
Publication DateMarch 2, 2021
Length432 pages

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Best quotes from the book

  1. “Do not carelessly denigrate social institutions or creative achievement.”
    • This quote underscores the importance of appreciating the structures and achievements that form the fabric of society. It encourages a respectful understanding and acknowledgment of the social institutions and creative outputs, suggesting that a careless disregard for these aspects can lead to a lack of cohesion and appreciation for the order that exists amidst chaos.
  2. “Imagine who you could be and then aim single-mindedly at that.”
    • Here, Peterson urges individuals to envision their best selves and work diligently towards achieving that vision. This quote ties back to the theme of personal responsibility and the idea of striving for a meaningful life. It reflects the proactive approach of setting clear goals and pursuing them with determination.
  3. “Do not hide unwanted things in the fog.”
    • This quote speaks to the need for honesty and confronting the unpleasant or challenging aspects of life. By not shying away from difficult situations or emotions, individuals can navigate through life’s complexities with a clearer understanding and better resolve.
  4. “Notice that opportunity lurks where responsibility has been abdicated.”
    • Peterson points out that in areas where others have avoided responsibility, opportunities for growth and leadership arise. This quote resonates with the idea of stepping up, embracing responsibility, and thereby finding potential pathways for personal and societal advancement.
  5. “Do not do what you hate.”
    • A simple yet profound statement, this quote emphasizes the importance of aligning one’s actions with personal values and interests. By avoiding engagement in hated or disingenuous activities, individuals can lead a more authentic and fulfilling life.
  6. “Abandon ideology.”
    • This quote challenges individuals to step outside rigid ideological frameworks that can stifle growth and understanding. It promotes a more open, exploratory mindset which is essential for personal development and a nuanced understanding of the world.

Each of these quotes encapsulates a unique lesson that ties back to the central theme of the book – navigating through life’s inherent chaos while striving for a meaningful and responsible existence. Through these succinct phrases, Peterson encapsulates complex ideas, encouraging readers to reflect on their actions, beliefs, and the broader societal context in which they operate.

Book Summary

“Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life” by Jordan Peterson presents a set of guidelines aimed at helping individuals find meaning and stability amidst the chaos that life often throws our way. Drawing upon his expertise in clinical psychology and his philosophical insights, Peterson delineates 12 rules that serve as a roadmap to lead a balanced and meaningful life. Here’s a deeper dive into the essence of these rules and the overarching themes of the book:

  1. Navigating Through Chaos: Life is often characterized by unforeseen challenges and disorder. Peterson suggests that too much order can be detrimental, stifling growth and fostering fear towards change​​. On the flip side, the book provides guidelines to embrace a certain level of chaos, which is viewed as a catalyst for personal growth and societal evolution.
  2. Balancing Order and Chaos: Unlike his previous book where the focus was on coping with excessive chaos, “Beyond Order” pivots towards avoiding excessive control and rigidity especially during times of upheaval​​. The balance between order (explored territory) and chaos (unexplored territory) is a recurrent theme, encouraging individuals to maintain a harmonious balance between the known and the unknown.
  3. Personal Responsibility: Many of the rules underscore the importance of personal responsibility. For instance, one of the rules posits that opportunity often lurks where responsibility has been shunned. By stepping up and taking responsibility, individuals can unlock new opportunities and lead a more fulfilling life.
  4. Clarity of Vision: Having a clear vision of who you want to become and working single-mindedly towards that vision is another profound lesson from the book. This clarity is seen as a beacon that can guide individuals through life’s turbulence towards a meaningful existence.
  5. Honesty and Confrontation: Peterson stresses the importance of facing unpleasant truths instead of hiding them away. By confronting the challenges head-on, individuals can navigate through life’s complexities with a clearer understanding and better resolve.
  6. Appreciation and Respect for Social Constructs: A lack of appreciation for social institutions or creative achievements can lead to a disenchanted view of society. Peterson encourages a respectful understanding and acknowledgment of the societal fabric that holds communities together.
  7. Openness to New Ideas: Abandoning rigid ideologies and being open to new perspectives is a stepping stone to personal and societal growth. This openness fosters a conducive environment for dialogue, understanding, and collective progress.
  8. Avoiding Detrimental Actions: Simple yet profound, the rule “Do not do what you hate” emphasizes avoiding disingenuous actions, which in turn, paves the way for a more authentic and meaningful life.

These rules and themes woven through “Beyond Order” provide a holistic approach towards understanding life’s intricacies and navigating through its often tumultuous waters with grace, resilience, and a sense of purpose.

Book Review

Upon delving into Jordan Peterson’s “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life,” I was immediately captivated by the author’s profound insights and the engaging way he dissected complex life scenarios. As a reader, I found myself in a contemplative state, reflecting on the balance between chaos and order in my own life.

Writing Style: Jordan Peterson’s writing style is, without a doubt, intellectually stimulating. His narrative is filled with personal anecdotes, psychological insights, and philosophical musings which provided a rich tapestry of ideas for me to ponder upon. His ability to articulate complex concepts in an understandable manner made the book a rewarding read.

Ease of Understanding: What impressed me was the ease with which Peterson explained complex psychological and philosophical concepts. The examples provided were relatable and offered a practical lens through which I could view the theories presented. The narratives were not just theoretical but had a real-world application which I found immensely valuable.

Relatability of Examples: The examples provided in the book resonated with me on a personal level. They painted a clear picture of the principles being discussed, making it easier for me to relate them to my own experiences. The anecdotes were not only enlightening but also provided a sense of companionship in navigating life’s turbulent waters.

Criticisms: However, I did find areas where the book could have delved deeper. While the philosophical discourse was enriching, I yearned for more practical examples or actionable steps that could be applied in daily life. At times, the narrative seemed to hover more on a theoretical plane, leaving me craving a more grounded or practical approach to the discussed concepts.

Comparison with Other Self-help Books: Comparatively, “Beyond Order” stands head and shoulders above many self-help books I have come across. Its depth of analysis and the intellectual rigor is something that sets it apart. Whereas many books in the self-help genre tend to skim the surface, Peterson dives deep into the human psyche and the existential issues that we grapple with, offering a more nuanced and thoughtful perspective.

Uniqueness: The uniqueness of “Beyond Order” lies in its ability to provoke thought, challenge conventional wisdom, and encourage a journey of self-exploration. It’s not just a book, but a journey that compels you to reflect, reassess, and reorient your life’s path.

This book is recommended for

Individuals seeking a deeper understanding of life’s intricacies, those looking to navigate through personal and societal chaos, and readers appreciative of a philosophical, psychological approach towards self-help and personal development.

Small Actionable Steps You Can Do

  • Reflect on personal ideologies and be open to differing perspectives.
  • Actively seek opportunities where others have shied away from responsibility.
  • Practice honesty with oneself to address unwanted or ignored issues head-on.
  • Envision a better version of oneself and work diligently towards that vision, avoiding actions or attitudes that are detrimental to personal growth.


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