Book Review: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

I recently had the pleasure of reading Book Lovers by Emily Henry. As an avid reader who enjoys escaping into a good book, I was excited to dive into this new romance novel by an author I’ve come to admire. Emily Henry’s previous books like Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation have become some of my recent favorite reads, so I went into Book Lovers with high hopes. I’m happy to say that this book did not disappoint!

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

TitleBook Lovers
AuthorEmily Henry
GenreFiction, Romance
Publication DateMay 3, 2022
Length384 pages

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The Story and Characters

Book Lovers follows Nora, a cutthroat literary agent based in New York City. Nora loves books but has become disillusioned with the publishing industry and the pressure to only represent bestsellers. When her younger sister asks her to spend a month in the picturesque North Carolina town of Sunshine Falls, Nora reluctantly agrees. In Sunshine Falls, she meets Charlie Lastra, the local library owner. Charlie is warm, charming, and loves books as much as Nora does. However, Nora has been hurt before and finds it difficult to let her guard down.

As a character, I found Nora very relatable. She’s passionate about books but jaded by the harsher realities of the publishing business. Underneath her tough exterior is a romantic searching for that perfect love story. Charlie complements Nora nicely as her caring, small-town foil. Their chemistry leaps off the page. The quaint, quirky setting of Sunshine Falls also adds to the book’s abundant charm.

Thoughts on the Writing Style

One thing I really enjoy about Emily Henry’s writing is her sharp, witty dialogue. The banter between Nora and Charlie is delightful and had me laughing out loud at points. She also does a wonderful job bringing Sunshine Falls to life through vivid sensory details. I could perfectly envision strolling through the town square, stopping for a coffee at the local bookshop owned by Charlie’s aunt.

The plot moves along at a brisk pace, with plenty of romantic tension between Nora and Charlie. Without spoiling anything, Nora’s past relationship issues provide obstacles that prevent her from immediately falling for Charlie, no matter how perfect he seems. This added an element of realism to their love story. Overall, Henry’s writing style is engaging and fun, while also navigating more serious themes like grief, loss, and letting go of past hurt.

My Takeaway Thoughts

At its heart, Book Lovers is a story about taking chances on love and embracing the power of books to connect people. Despite Nora’s career in the ruthless publishing world, deep down she just wants to get lost in a great story, like we all do. Charlie—and the town of Sunshine Falls—help remind her of that simple joy. I think this book will resonate with any fellow bookworms out there who understand the magic and comfort the right novel can provide.

While predictably formulaic at points, Book Lovers still managed to draw me in with endearing characters and the quintessential cozy small-town setting. It delivered exactly what I want in a romance novel—laugh out loud moments, steamy chemistry, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. For any fans of Emily Henry or readers in the mood for an indulgent, fast-paced love story, I highly recommend picking up Book Lovers this summer! It would make the perfect beach or weekend read. I certainly finished the last page with a smile on my face.


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