Book Review: Find Me by J. S. Monroe

Alright, so I recently picked up “Find Me” by J.S. Monroe, and wow, what an experience! This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill thriller; it’s a psychological maze that keeps you guessing.

Find Me by J. S. Monroe

TitleFind Me
AuthorJ. S. Monroe
GenrePsychological Suspense, Fiction, Thriller
Publication DateMarch 21, 2017
Length404 pages

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The Plot

The Beginning

We start with Jarlath “Jar” Costello, a guy who’s been mourning his girlfriend, Rosa, for five years. She supposedly took her own life, but things get weird when Jar starts getting emails with pictures of Rosa in different locations around the world. This sparks a fire in Jar, setting him off on a quest to find out the truth.

The Journey

As Jar embarks on this journey, the reader is pulled into a whirlwind of suspense and psychological drama. Every chapter brings a new twist, and I found myself constantly questioning what was real and what wasn’t.

My Two Cents

The Storyline

The plot is a roller-coaster. Just when I thought I had things figured out, Monroe threw in another curveball. It’s a narrative that demands your attention, and I was more than willing to give it.


Let’s talk about Jar. He’s not just a character in a book; he felt real, with emotions and struggles that I could understand and empathize with. And Rosa, she’s like a ghost haunting the pages, creating an air of mystery that adds to the suspense.

Writing Style

Monroe has a knack for creating tension with words. The writing is fluid, making it easy to fall into the story. The atmosphere is thick with suspense, and the use of different narrative styles, like emails and diary entries, provides a varied and engaging reading experience.

A Few Gripes

It’s not a perfect book, though. At times, the plot seemed a bit too convoluted, with one too many twists that felt a bit forced. And the ending, while shocking, left me hanging with a bunch of unanswered questions.

Digging Deeper

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere in “Find Me” is tense and eerie. There’s a constant feeling of uncertainty, and I couldn’t help but feel anxious (in a good way) while reading. It’s a book that plays with your emotions, taking you on a ride from start to finish.

Themes Explored

The book delves into heavy themes like grief, love, and the pursuit of truth. It’s a deep exploration of the human psyche, examining how we deal with loss and the lengths we’re willing to go to find closure and truth.


The pacing is well-done. There are moments of intense action and suspense, but there are also quieter, reflective periods that allow the reader to catch their breath and reflect on the unfolding events.

Wrapping It Up

Final Thoughts

“Find Me” was a thrilling read. Despite its minor flaws, it’s a captivating psychological thriller that kept me hooked from the first page to the last. The characters are well-developed, the plot is engaging, and the atmosphere is perfectly tense.


If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, “Find Me” by J.S. Monroe is definitely worth a read. It’s a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, with a story that is as engaging as it is mysterious. So, grab a copy, dive in, and enjoy the ride!


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