Book Review: The Captured Bride by Michelle Griep

The Captured Bride by Michelle Griep was quite a good read and I have to say it was a rollicking good time! Set in the late 1700s, this romantic adventure novel whisks readers away to the high seas and the lawless world of privateers and pirates.

The Captured Bride by Michelle Griep

TitleThe Captured Bride
AuthorMichelle Griep
GenreFiction, Romance
Publication DateJune 1, 2018
Length256 pages

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The Story

The novel follows Mercy Lytton, a spunky pastor’s daughter who is kidnapped from a sailing vessel by the notorious privateer Ned Bloodworth. Ned hopes to ransom Mercy for much-needed funds, but he didn’t count on Mercy’s stubbornness and fiery spirit. The two clash constantly, even as Ned’s ship the Cyrus and crew are pursued by the Royal Navy and a band of cutthroat pirates.

This sets the stage for a fast-paced, swashbuckling romance full of action, adventure, humor and sparks flying between the kidnapped Mercy and her roguish captor. As Ned and Mercy are forced to work together to escape their mutual enemies, their antagonism shifts to attraction and respect. But can a pastor’s daughter forgive the sins of a wanted man?

My Thoughts

I found The Captured Bride to be a hugely entertaining read. The setting and premise drew me in right away – who doesn’t love a good pirate story? Griep brings the gritty, seafaring world to life with vivid detail, from the creaking timbers of the ships to the salty language of the sailors.

The characters really shine here, particularly Mercy, who refuses to be silenced or cowed, even when kidnapped by ruffians. Her quick wit, courage and morality are a great counterbalance to Ned’s brooding, tormented pirate captain.

The romantic tension and electrically-charged banter between them kept me eagerly turning pages. I was rooting for Ned and Mercy the whole time, even when their differences seemed insurmountable. Griep writes some incredibly steamy scenes that toe the line between sweet and sexy.

The action and intrigue is nonstop, with dangerous chases, scheming villains, and high stakes that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was invested in Ned and Mercy’s survival and future happiness. The plot twists and turns but remains engaging throughout.

Overall, I’d highly recommend The Captured Bride for anyone seeking a thrilling, romantic escape. Griep has launched an exciting new adventure series that I’ll certainly be following.

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So if historical romance paired with death-defying escapades sounds like your cup of tea, sail away with The Captured Bride. With its winning mix of action, emotion and adventure, this book will capture your heart.


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