Book Review: The Fair Isle Trilogy by Tessonja Odette

The Fair Isle Trilogy by Tessonja Odette is a captivating dive into a world interwoven with fae magic, human realms, political intrigue, and the endless struggle between love and duty. Comprising three enthralling books – “To Carve a Fae Heart”, “To Wear a Fae Crown”, and “To Spark a Fae War”, Odette crafts a narrative full of adventure, dark secrets, and the unyielding quest for love and freedom.

The Fair Isle Trilogy by Tessonja Odette

TitleThe Fair Isle Trilogy
AuthorTessonja Odette
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Romance
Publication DateMay 20, 2020
Number of Books3

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1. To Carve a Fae Heart: The Beginning of a Fae-tful Journey

The first book introduces us to a realm where young women dream of marrying a king, albeit a human one. However, the protagonist’s fate takes a twist when she’s bound to wed a fae king with a penchant for blood. The tale is set against the backdrop of the Hundred Year Reaping, a treaty compelling human girls to become brides in the fae realm. The protagonist finds herself in a perilous engagement when her sister flees, leaving her to face the dangerous fae king​​.

The narrative is rich in enemies-to-lovers dynamics, resonating with themes found in renowned works like “The Cruel Prince” and “ACOTAR”​. The tension between the human and fae realms sets a thrilling pace, enticing readers to delve deeper into the complexities of forbidden love.

2. To Wear a Fae Crown: Royalty Entwined with Betrayal

As the narrative unfolds, the second book delves into the ramifications of wearing a fae crown forged with blood. The protagonist’s initial dread towards King Aspen metamorphoses into unexpected love, questioning the bounds of loyalty and duty amidst the chaos​​.

This installment amplifies the romantic fantasy narrative, enthralling readers with snarky fae, brooding royals, and fierce heroines, much like the first book, yet with a twist that tests the protagonist’s newfound love and responsibilities​​.

3. To Spark a Fae War: A Battle for Love and Freedom

The trilogy crescendos in the third book with the advent of a war that threatens to shatter the fragile peace between the fae and human realms. The protagonist’s battle is not merely against external foes, but also against the burgeoning power within her, a power that’s both a curse and a boon. The blurred lines between friends and foes, coupled with the relentless pursuit for revenge, paints a tale of desperation and hope​​.

This book showcases a civil war among the fae and a war against humans, compelling the protagonist to claim her rightful place amidst a whirlpool of political plots and personal vendettas. The emotional tumult, evolving relationships, and the protagonist’s struggle to harness her burgeoning powers form the crux of this final saga.

Personal Reflections

The Fair Isle Trilogy is a memorable journey through a well-constructed fae realm. The blend of romance, action, and moral dilemmas provide a well-rounded reading experience that evokes a spectrum of emotions. The series left a lasting impression with its compelling characters, meticulously crafted world, and a plot that kept the tension high till the end.

The narrative explores themes of love, loyalty, betrayal, and the quest for justice in a manner that’s both engaging and thought-provoking. It’s a recommended read for those yearning for a well-rounded fantasy series that explores the dark and light facets of a mystical realm.


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