Book Review: The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t with Her Mind by Jackson Ford

The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t with Her Mind is the debut novel by Jackson Ford. This book was an absolute blast from start to finish – a fast-paced, humorous take on the superhero genre featuring a totally badass female lead.

The Girl Who Could Move Shit with Her Mind by Jackson Ford

TitleGirl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind
AuthorJackson Ford
GenreFantasy, Fiction
Publication DateJune 20, 2019
Length447 pages

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The story follows Teagan Frost, a telekinetic twenty-something living in Los Angeles who happens to have some pretty incredible powers. She can move objects with her mind – hence the colorful title. This makes her a particularly gifted shoplifter, a skill she relies on to get by day-to-day. That is, until the day she witnesses a murder and suddenly finds herself on the run from a sinister government organization intent on capturing her.

Teagan soon pairs up with Tanner Kingsley, a former military operative with a mysterious past. Together, they set out to uncover why Teagan is being hunted and how her powers figure into a larger conspiracy. All the while, Teagan is trying to come to terms with her abilities and decide what she wants to do with them.

I absolutely loved the character of Teagan – she’s witty, feisty, and entirely badass. The girl has some serious anger issues (understandably, given her tragic past) and there were moments while reading when I thought, damn, I would not want to piss her off! Teagan’s voice consistently made me laugh out loud. She has a great cynical, millennial sense of humor and a totally irreverent perspective on the world.

The superhero abilities were likewise awesome. Teagan can do some really cool, intricate things with her telekinesis, like dismantling guns and hijacking cars. The action sequences where she uses her powers are a thrill to read. I’m a sucker for superhero stories, and the creativity Jackson Ford brings to Teagan’s abilities was fantastic.

I also loved the dynamic between Teagan and Tanner. They make an unlikely and often contentious pair, bickering constantly as they race to stay ahead of the dangerous forces on their tail. Both characters are damaged and morally ambiguous, which makes them complex and multidimensional. Watching their partnership and friendship grow amidst all the chaos makes for very entertaining reading.

My main critique would be that the broader plot is a bit convoluted at times. There were moments when it was difficult to follow all the moving pieces and government conspiracies. This did not ultimately detract too much from my enjoyment, but occasionally more explanation connecting the dots would have been helpful. However, by the end, the central conspiracy clicks into place nicely.

All in all, I found The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t with Her Mind to be a really fun, fast-paced read. It’s got great action, memorable characters, and a ton of irreverent wit. If you’re looking for a fresh and lively new take on the superhero genre, I’d definitely recommend giving this book a try. It’s got me eagerly anticipating the rest of the series!


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