Book Review: The Gods of Love by Nicola Mostyn

“Meet Frida.” She’s not your regular divorce lawyer. While she’s cynical, well-grounded, and seemingly unflappable, there’s a twist waiting for her. Frida is a secret descendant of Eros, the immortal love god from Greek mythology.

Now, this would have been a delightful surprise if not for a so-called Oracle named Dan, who crashes into her life with tales of world-ending prophecies and her pivotal role in it all. It’s not just about destiny; it’s about a whirlwind of mythological encounters and challenges that make Frida question the very fabric of her reality.

The Gods of Love by Nicola Mostyn

TitleThe Gods of Love
AuthorNicola Mostyn
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Romance
Publication DateFebruary 1, 2018
Length233 pages

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Diving into My Thoughts

So, where do I even start with this? When I first picked up “The Gods of Love,” I was expecting a romance novel with a touch of fantasy. However, Nicola Mostyn had other plans. The story is so much more than that. Frida McKenzie is not just any character; she’s a strong-willed, modern woman who finds herself thrust into a realm of gods, prophecies, and, yes, love.

The dynamics between her and Dan, the self-proclaimed Oracle, is both hilarious and intriguing. Dan’s frantic warning about a nefarious plan by a rogue Greek god and Frida’s subsequent adventures at NeoStar, a front for the god’s dark ambitions, was a rollercoaster ride that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Is It Really Worth the Buzz?

Oh, it sure is! Mostyn has managed to interweave humor, romance, and mythology in a way that’s both innovative and captivating. “The Gods of Love” isn’t just another mythical rehash; it’s a reflection of modern challenges through a mythological lens.

The manner in which it draws parallels between ancient myths and today’s world, especially in the realms of love and ambition, is nothing short of brilliant. And while the narrative is grounded in the myths of old, it doesn’t shy away from addressing contemporary issues, making it a tale that resonates with readers of all ages.

Concluding Thoughts

“The Gods of Love” isn’t just a book; it’s an experience. Mostyn has masterfully crafted a narrative that feels like a rollercoaster, weaving through the streets of modern life while taking detours through ancient mythological pathways. It’s a reminder of how tales of old can still be relevant today, how love can be both timeless and contemporary, and how even in the midst of chaos, there’s room for humor and hope.

It’s rare to find a story that can juggle romance, adventure, comedy, and drama with such finesse. “The Gods of Love” is a testament to Mostyn’s prowess as a storyteller and is undoubtedly a novel that will linger in readers’ minds long after the final page is turned. It’s a brilliant fusion of past and present, making readers yearn for more adventures with Frida and the pantheon of Greek gods in our modern world.


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