Book Review: The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker, a novel that provides a feminist retelling of The Iliad from the perspective of the captured women. As an avid reader, I found this to be a refreshing and thought-provoking read that gave voice to those often silenced in Greek mythology.

The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

TitleThe Silence of the Girls
AuthorPat Barker
Publication DateAugust 30, 2018
Length304 pages

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Examining The Trojan War Through a New Lens

The Silence of the Girls follows Briseis, a queen who was captured by the Greeks during the Trojan War and given to Achilles as a “prize.” As a slave and concubine, she witnesses the events of the war from the Greek camp rather than from the battlefield.

I really appreciated how Barker took a classic narrative like The Iliad and examined it through a completely different perspective. By giving voice to Briseis and the other Trojan slave women, Barker reveals a side of the legendary war that often goes untold. We get to see the grief, suffering, and dehumanization experienced by the women who were treated as property and spoils of war.

The Trauma of Enslavement

Through Briseis’s narration, we gain insight into the trauma she endured when her city was raided, she was separated from her husband, and she became a slave. She reckons with feeling like she lost her identity and agency under the Greeks who casually discuss raping and brutalizing slave women.

I found these parts difficult but important to read, as they illuminated the painful truth that sexual violence against women was an accepted part of war in Ancient Greece. I appreciated how the book led me to reflect on issues like trauma, consent, and the treatment of women in conflict – issues that are still extremely relevant today.

Examining Flawed Heroes

A unique aspect of The Silence of the Girls is that we get to view famous Greek heroes like Achilles and Agamemnon not as brave warriors, but as deeply flawed men who inflict immense suffering.

Seeing figures like Achilles from Briseis’s perspective complicates the idea they were untarnished heroes; rather, their egos, rage, and capacity for cruelty make them villains in her eyes. I found it thought-provoking to examine these legendary men in a new, critical light.

The Strength of Women

While this book explores heavy themes, I also found it remarkable for showcasing the resilience, solidarity, and strength of Briseis, the queen turned slave. She endures so much loss and cruelty, but continually rises up and finds her voice again.

In one of my favorite moments, she bonds with and helps heal the injured Patroclus, an act of compassion across enemy lines. I loved seeing glimpses of women’s empowerment in this bleak setting.

Final Thoughts

The Silence of the Girls is a raw, powerful read that stuck with me long after I finished. For any fans of Greek mythology, I highly recommend picking it up if you want a new take on The Iliad and The Trojan War that puts the spotlight on the untold stories of women. It’s an impactful book that gave me a lot to ponder on themes like sexual violence, dehumanization, resilience, and the nature of heroism.


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