Book Series Review: Entangled with Fae Series by Tessonja Odette

Diving into the “Entangled with Fae” series by Tessonja Odette is akin to stepping into a lush, enchanting forest of narrative wonder. This series, rich in romance and sprinkled with the magic of fae folklore, beckons readers into its whimsical fold with promise of adventure, love, and the nostalgic allure of fairytales reimagined.

Entangled with Fae Series by Tessonja Odette

TitleEntangled with Fae Series
AuthorTessonja Odette
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Romance
Publication DateApril 7, 2021
Number of Books5

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Curse of the Wolf King: The Genesis of Enchantment

As the curtain raiser of the series, “Curse of the Wolf King” weaves a tender yet poignant retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Our protagonist, Gemma Bellefleur, is not just running from a scandal-ridden past, but towards the hope of a curse-lifted future. The beastly fae king, shrouded in a deadly curse, becomes the focal point of Gemma’s devious bargain, igniting a tale of love, courage and the quintessential battle of good over evil. Odette’s narrative flair shines through, as the eerie yet beautiful fae realm comes to life, encasing a tale of love that’s as tender as it is fierce​.

Heart of the Raven Prince: A Cinderella Twist

Though information on this installment was scant, the title itself – “Heart of the Raven Prince”, hints at a princely figure entwined with raven-like mystique. The Cinderella essence likely rings through, perhaps with ashes replaced by feathers, and midnight chimes giving way to crow caws. The potential for a unique twist on the classic tale is immense, and one can anticipate Odette’s lyrical prose to dance through the narrative, painting a story of hope, love, and the magical stroke of fate.

Kiss of the Selkie: A Siren’s Call to Love

The third book, “Kiss of the Selkie”, is where the waves of romance crash onto the shores of fae mystique with a splash of humor. A tale reminiscent of The Little Mermaid, yet seasoned with a Bridgerton-esque social milieu and the snarky fae royalty akin to those in ACOTAR (A Court of Thorns and Roses). This narrative, with its bridal contests and enemies-turned-lovers trope, flirts with the line between youthful adventure and mature situations, delivering a narrative both exhilarating and emotive​​.

A Taste of Poison: Snow White’s Deadly Adventure

Odette takes a darker turn with “A Taste of Poison”, plunging into a narrative of innocence accused and a princess on the run. This Snow White retelling possibly melds the essence of adventure with a dash of mystery, as the runaway princess finds herself embroiled in a deadly hunt. The snow-white purity of the protagonist possibly clashes with the dark venom of betrayal, creating a narrative as thrilling as it is heart-rending​​.

A Dream So Wicked: A Sleepless Rivalry

Closing the series with “A Dream So Wicked”, Odette possibly explores the theme of rivalry, likely set against a backdrop of forbidden desires and nightmarish curses. As a standalone yet connected narrative, this book not only invites new readers but bids a satisfying adieu to the loyal followers of the series. The narrative likely circles through a vicious rivalry, underlined by an unyielding desire, wrapping the series with a tale as haunting as it is beguiling​​.

Final Thoughts

Across all five books, Odette crafts lyrical prose that makes Fairy feel like a real, lived-in world. The fae elements like selkies, pixies and enchanted castles bring such creative flair. I adored all the brave heroines and swoon-worthy love interests too. Each novella tells a complete, satisfying story while connecting to the broader universe.

With playful humor, heart-pounding adventure and plenty of romance, the Entangled with Fae series charmed me fully. Odette’s gorgeous writing transports readers right into the magic. I would joyfully recommend these books to fantasy fans craving lyrical prose and delightful escapism. The stories stand out for their optimistic themes of empathy, courage and hope too.

I could happily spend years more losing myself in Tessonja Odette’s whimsical fae world! Each installment surprised me with imaginative new characters and settings. The books all share Odette’s signature eloquent voice and flair for storytelling. I definitely intend to read more from this talented author when I’m in the mood for an enchanting tale. If you enjoy fairy tale retellings brimming with magic and heart, do yourself a favor and check out the fabulous Entangled with Fae series!


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