KDramas with books in the backdrop

Hey everyone, There are mountains of Korean Dramas that I can recommend to you. Many genres and many favourite actors that I love supporting. But one of the things I love the most is to see Kdramas with a bookish theme inserted into the plot, whether it is a publishing company or about a aspiring… Continue reading KDramas with books in the backdrop

Manhwa I have fallen in love with recently

Hey everyone, Hope you are well. The weather has been quite blustry this past week and recently I have been falling deeper into the rabbit hole of Manga and Manhwa. It is no secret that I have found myself in the process of collecting Manga and I have to admit, my collection is growing and… Continue reading Manhwa I have fallen in love with recently

Kpop That I Have Been Listening Lately

Hey, So I was looking through some of my previous posts and I did one about what music that I have been loving and I wanted to do that again. Not a bookish post this week but hopefully soon as I have a week off at the beginning of October, maybe I;ll do some reading… Continue reading Kpop That I Have Been Listening Lately

Korean Drama Plots That Could Do Well in the Western Media

Hello How are you doing on this lovely blustery Bank Holiday Weekend. So recently I have been thinking about Kdramas, I mean I have watched alot and now I only watch at least 2 to 3 dramas (I've now become picky). So I was watching a drama and I started to think what Korean Dramas… Continue reading Korean Drama Plots That Could Do Well in the Western Media