Books I enjoyed in 2021

Hey Everyone, Hope you are well in the new year. I wanted to do a look back of 2021 and give an honorary love to the books that I enjoyed last year. It's always fun to look back at memories and reminise the emotions that you went through with a book, so here are some… Continue reading Books I enjoyed in 2021

Bored or Self Isolating

Hey everyone, With the world in a panic over soap and toilet paper, with a virus that can attatch to someone by contact. Instead of touching people, try touch books. Some are soft and hard, big or small, you can slap them or gently caress them (if you follow Daniel Greene on Youtube then you… Continue reading Bored or Self Isolating

Recent Reads

Hey everyone, How are you? The weather has definitly gone a little chilly and already I am seeing Christmas stuff in shops. I got myself a coat rack so I took a photo before I built it. So since I have been on holiday and I haven't done a book review in a while. I… Continue reading Recent Reads