KDramas with books in the backdrop

Hey everyone, There are mountains of Korean Dramas that I can recommend to you. Many genres and many favourite actors that I love supporting. But one of the things I love the most is to see Kdramas with a bookish theme inserted into the plot, whether it is a publishing company or about a aspiring… Continue reading KDramas with books in the backdrop

Kdrama Review | Hotel Del Luna

Hey Everyone, So I finished watching an amazing drama and I really want to gush about it because it is soo good, I highly recommend it to anyone. Hotel Del Luna follows two characters Jang Man Wol (Lee Jieun or IU) and Gu Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo). Jang Man Wol is the owner of… Continue reading Kdrama Review | Hotel Del Luna

Let’s Eat. Don’t Watch This Drama On An Empty Stomach! (Korean Drama)

Hey Everyone, Recently I have been getting myself back into watching Korean Dramas, I love Korean Dramas I would watch at least three different shows in one week but with working a lot of hours I could barely have any time. I have heard many positive reviews of this show and now after seeing 1… Continue reading Let’s Eat. Don’t Watch This Drama On An Empty Stomach! (Korean Drama)