TTT – Top Ten Tuesday | Bookish Worlds I’d Want To/ Never Want to Live In

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This week is Bookish Worlds I’d Want To/Neer Want To Live In, I couldn’t think of ten answers so I have six instead.

A Darker Shade final for Irene


Red London from the Shades of Magic Trilogy (Want to Live In)

Red London is the home of Kell and Rhys, my interpretation of this world is a mix between Asgard and 1600s, because of Pirates!!. I would love to walk around the palace, look at all the rooms and I want to sneak into Kell’s room (creepy fan breaking into someone’s room and smelling everything). I want to visit the docks and the black market, I would also love to learn Arnesian.

White London from the Shades of Magic Trilogy (Don’t Want To Live In)

White London is not a place that I would like to live in let alone visit. Even with the laws that had been made but also magicians enslaving magicians. And also a place where everything is white would be very depressing.



Cainsille from the Cainsville series by Kelley Armstrong (Want To Live)

I love small towns. And this town I would love to go to. It’s filled with mystery and magic, a love triangle that has been the towns struggle to survive, Welsh mythology and GARGOYLES!! I’m not a big fan of gargoyles since watching the Doctor Who with Carey Mulligan but there are about 100 gargoyles in the town of Cainsville and there is a festival to find all of them (Doesn’t that sound exciting).



Rockton from the Casey Duncan series by Kelley Armstrong (Want To Live)

Ever wanted to leave your life for two years away from your friends and family with no technology and living in the middle of nowhere. Urm I do! This place may be crawling with criminals and other people who just want to hide like Casey Duncan but you are so engrossed with the mystery and the locals, who wouldn’t want to live there.



Victorian London from the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness (Want To Live)

In the second book of the trilogy, Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont travel in time for Diana to learn more about her magic and find the Ashmole. And I would like to meet the people that they encounter along the way especially Matthew’s father. Also, I knew there was going to be an adaptation but I was honestly surprised that it was coming out this year.



1209 France (Alias) from Labyrinth by Kate Mosse (Don’t Want To Live)

This was not an ideal place to live at that time. People were killed, Alias was betrayed by her husband as well as her sister. She was on the run and it was not good for her. While I am intrigued what that place would be like at that time but I don’t want something handed to me in order to protect but your sister will do anything in order to get her hands on it, no thanks. And Alias’s death was awful 😦

I couldn’t think of any other worlds that I would like/dislike to live in. But I think the ones mentioned I would like to see the most.


Book Review|Sepulchre by Kate Mosse

Hey Everyone,

How are you this week?

I have a couple of days off from work soon and I have no idea on how to spend those days, mostly reading but I have been feeling in the mood to go out of town and do something different. Has anyone felt like this? You have your daily routine and suddenly you have some time off and you want to do something different, something you’ve always wanted to do. I guess I am in the mood for a new scenery.

2018-04-19 071606091282..jpg

Sepulchre by Kate Mosse


Seventeen-year-old Leonie Vernier and her brother abandon Pariss for the sanctuary of their aunt’s isolated country house near Carcassonne, the Domaine de la Cade. But Leonie stumbles across a ruined sepulchre – and a timeless mystery whose traces are written in blood.


Meridith Martin arrives at the Domaine de la Cade to research a biography. But Meredith is also seeking the key to her own complex legacy and becomes immersed in the story of a tragic love, a missing girl, a unique deck of tarot cards and the strange events of one cataclysmic night a century ago…

Published: October 2007
Published Edition: October 2015
Publishers: Orion
Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 784

Format of Reading: Paperback

Goodreads Star Rating:🌟🌟🌟🌟


I had already read the first book in the trilogy last year and I really enjoyed it. I did do a book review of the book on my old blog but I have already closed the account, so I can’t link to the actual blog post but you can still find it on Bloglovin’ (link here) if you are interested in reading it.

I have to say there is a little connection between the first book and this one but it’s not a continuation of Labyrinth. One of the things about this book that is similar to the first was the connection of both female characters, you are following both characters discovering the secrets of the House in the mountains and the connection with Tarot cards, their significance and also the creation of them. This book also has a bit of a fantasy element in this book as it does involve ghosts.

Some of the reviews on Goodreads are quite mixed and honestly, after reading them I do agree on some points. This book has so much detail in the story and it doesn’t give much room to get connected with the characters, I found myself sometimes trying to skip parts (which I try not doing because I do it so often) because I wanted to know what Leonie or Meredith was thinking.

Much like how I felt from reading the first book, it’s quite slow to get into. You get to know Leonie first and at times I just wanted to get to Meredith’s introduction. The first couple of chapters were very confusing, which I still don’t understand why it started like that. It took a while for me to get into the book and I am looking forward to picking up the final book in the trilogy.

I hope you have a lovely day xx