Stay at Home Book Tag

Hey, Hope that you are all safe. I know that the temptation to go out is inviting especially with the lovely weather we have currently for the bank holiday weekend. So I was in the mood to do a blog post and of course I thought a book tag would be the perfect idea. This… Continue reading Stay at Home Book Tag

Travel Book Tag

Hey Everyone! How's your day going? Hope it's great. So since I will be travelling at the end of this month I thought I would do a few travel type post to sort of get me excited for the upcoming holiday. I am excited and a little nervous because I am going by myself, I… Continue reading Travel Book Tag

A Week Catch Up In Reading (3 Books)

Hey everyone, Hope you are all well. I know that my last post was over a week ago but I was unable to review anything due to an issue with my laptop, it's fixed don't worry. I thought of doing a catch-up post since I have had a lot to talk about, I hope you… Continue reading A Week Catch Up In Reading (3 Books)