Hey Everyone,

Recently I have been getting myself back into watching Korean Dramas, I love Korean Dramas I would watch at least three different shows in one week but with working a lot of hours I could barely have any time. I have heard many positive reviews of this show and now after seeing 1 and 2, I can understand why.

In both seasons, the drama follows Goo Dae Young (played by HIGHLIGHT Leader Yoon Doo-Joon). Goo Dae Young is an insurance salesman but one of his many hobbies is food, he has a blog in which he uploads pictures of his empty bowls and reviews the quality of the food.

The drama is about Goo Dae Young interacting with his neighbours and persuades them to go out to eat. In Korea, it is a bit difficult for one person to go out by themselves, sometimes it’s a little embarrassing but also it’s a bit awkward when the portion of food isn’t substantial for a single person.


DooJoon really suits this role very well, he plays a man who loves to flatter men and women, and persuading them to apply for insurances, he has a very laid back personality when he is in his apartment and he is very passionate about food. He likes to ramble about what is considered the best way to eat Korean food. Now I am not familiar with Korean food, there isn’t a lot of restaurants in my hometown that specialise in Korean Food but if it did, I would not hesitate in going in there.


DooJoon is reprising his role for the third time in Let’s Eat 3 this year and I am very excited to see it.

I enjoyed the first season than the second, some people might have different opinions, I liked the friendship of the neighbours in Season 1 than 2, the plot in S2 is very cliche but I enjoyed the relationship between Doo Joon and Seo Hyun Ji characters.

The only thing that I was even more interested was the food, the excessive detail to really makes you want to salivate, the slurp noises and the sizzling sounds of meat grilled on the table.


In the UK, both dramas are available on Netflix so I highly recommend anyone to try it.


Also, the music for both dramas are really good, K Jun – Let’s Eat from the first drama is my favourite.

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