Hey Everyone,

I wanted to introduce you to my Bullet Journal and how much I love it. If you want to know what a Bullet Journal is, here it is.

I have been using a Bullet Journal for over two years, I found the process to be fun and very imaginative. I found diaries to be boring and plain, so when I discovered Bullet Journaling I was intrigued and started immediately.

Firstly, if you ever want to start a Bullet Journal, don’t fret over what type of stationery you need. All you need is a pen, a notebook and yourself. One of the things that I have realised about Bullet Journaling is that it is your book your creation. It took me a while for me to accept that because I tried different methods and after doing it a few times, I grew tired of it.

I wanted to show you what I had done for the month of August. The theme for August is Sailor Jupiter. I grew up watching Sailor Moon for years and I had found a planning video in which the Youtuber used her monthly theme by using the anime she had watched, and it inspired me to create my own one.

2018-07-30 111314432193939313030..jpg

My title pages have always been collages, I find it so much fun to put a collection of pictures altogether and it gives the impression of the theme of the month. I get most of my pictures from Pinterest and it’s also a good place to get inspiration for the next theme.

2018-07-30 118547334873349431640..jpg

My mood tracker has been one of the difficult things to do personally, I first started using a Mood Mandala and I loved doing it but I had struggled to do the mandala and gave up on filling it in. I loved finding different types of mood trackers on Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest and it gave me a big inspiration to do this month. I wanted to use the theme of Sailor Jupiter to contribute throughout the month and designed a mood tracker in the shape of Sailor Jupiter’s wand.

I’ve had a hit and miss when it comes to my habit tracker, much like the mood tracker I try to change things around to make it more interesting and sometimes I just like to go for the traditional style.

2018-07-30 112587754184509171904..jpg

When it comes to reading, I wanted to do a tracker for it. I found some trackers but not a tracker for reading. I have always liked seeing how long I’ve read the book but also see how many days that I read it and the days that I don’t.

2018-07-30 114397026001397911167..jpg

So when it comes to my weekly spreads I decided to do something very very minimal. Before I would make my weekly spreads by weekly (Obviously since it is called weekly spread) but I grew tired of it, I didn’t like looking back at my spreads and seeing nothing on the page. I had seen somewhere where you draw in boxes and fill them in for the days and I have to say I really liked it, I used it for the month of July and it was so much easier. It’s a good way to know what days I am in for work and for how long.

Here are a few recommended Bullet Journal Youtubers:

Thank you so much for following along and I hoped you liked it


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