Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while. But I am here and ready to conclude the books that I have read for this readathon.

Are you ready!

I am actually impressed with myself with the amount of books that I have read in the last two weeks. After this experience, I am feeling in the mood to read more, also I have figured out a good system in terms of how I should read. I won’t get into much detail about it here but I might do a blog post of tips on how to read and stuff.

But anyway onto the books…

I read this book in about a day, which I haven’t done in a really long time. I went into this book with no knowledge of the story, I didn’t read a lot of reviews but as I was reading it, it reminded me of another book that had a similiar yet not exactly premise. It reminded me of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff (Mostly the first half of the book), but as I was half way through I thought “Oh I see this could be interesting” and I want to mention that I am a person who kind of looks for romance in any type of book because I am typical. I was intrigued with the history and Rin but also the Lore, Shamans, Ghosts and that fire thing that Rin could do.

But as I finished it and even typing this mini review I already see myself not continuing with the series. I do not think this is a bad book, it’s really good. A protagonist who is determined to not marry a man for the sake of her foster parents and wants to leave the small town life to become a soldier, only to be pushed to the limits of her strength and williness to do whatever means possible. I think Rin is a powerful woman, determined and skilled but also still young. I can already guess as to what happens to her in the second book.

This was a book that I also read in a day, mostly on Good Friday (One of the enjoyable things about working in a Post Office). I have had this book on my shelves for about three years, so yeah it really needed to be read. While I was glad that I could tick this book off my TBR list, I found this book to be a hit and miss. I was interested as to how Tatiana and Alexander would be after the end of The Bronze Horseman but I was not expecting flashbacks. I will probably get to the last book (maybe in the next three years)

The Manga that I read…

So I had already started a couple of pages into the first volume a couple of days ago and started from where I left off. I have been a fan of the anime for a very long time and I was very curious about the manga. The illustrations are amazing and really enjoyable to read. This series follows people who are part of a magical guild, it mainly follows Lucy (A Celestial Mage), Natsu (A Fire Dragon Slayer Mage), Gray (A Ice Mager Mage) and Erza (A Weapon Re-Quip Mage), oh and Happy, Natsu’s flying companion.

I am definitely continuing with the series but I am also interested in starting to collect the individual manga but I will have to start collecting after I come back from my holiday in October because I really need to save and last month I failed.

This is a manga series that I have been very curious about. The story and the art is amazing, this follows two brothers who lost their mother at a very young age and wanted to bring her back using alchemy but it in order to bring her back or create a life something needed to be sacrificed, so one of the brothers lost his leg and the other one lost his body. But in the process of bringing his brother back he had to sacrifice his arm. This series follows these brothers trying to find any information to bring back what they have lost and discover more people who use alchemy for personal reasons.

I really liked the story and especially the relationship between the two brothers. I already have Volumes 4-6 so I will be continuing the series soon.

So I have already read book one the week before the Tome Topple started and I was already interested in continuing with the series. I really like the art style, it’s light, floral and a little girly. This book follows Sakura, one day she accidently opens a book and releases magical cards out of the book. She is then tasked to retrive all the cards known as clow cards in order to prevail destruction but sometimes exposure to other people. I love the relationship of Sakura, Kero, Tomoya and Li they are a great bunch of characters and the stories are great. If you have seen the anime, like myself there isn’t a lot of the collecting of the cards just mainly the bigger ones like the Maze card, Fiery card, Earthy card and even Light and Dark card.

Books that i started but didn’t finish

So I only read a couple of chapters from each of the book but didn’t sucessfully finish it. I’m not going to give much thoughts about these books as I am still in the middle of and I haven’t formed much of an opinion but they are both interesting.

  • Total of Books read: 5
  • Total of pages read throughout the readathon: 3,477

I am quite proud of myself of how much of a difference I did than the last time I did the readathon. I did about 1,400 more pages than I did from the readathon in November.

I had a lot of fun, I took part in a lot of the sprints and it really got me to explore some Manga that I was interested in reading.

I hope you are having a lovely day, chilling or somthing. Bye!

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