Hey Everyone,

So I finished watching an amazing drama and I really want to gush about it because it is soo good, I highly recommend it to anyone.

Hotel Del Luna follows two characters Jang Man Wol (Lee Jieun or IU) and Gu Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo). Jang Man Wol is the owner of Hotel Del Luna. Hotel Del Luna is a place that allows ghosts who have passed away and the staff provide a service to allow them to complete their unfinished buisness before stepping into the afterlife. Jang Man Wol has owned the hotel for a really long time, she was at the brink of being an evil spirit before the deities gave her a second chance by linking her life to the hotel.

Gu Chan Sung is a young ambitious man, when he was a young boy his father encountered Jang Man Wol at the hotel and was given the oppertunity to live, but in order for his father to live he agreed for his son to be Hotel manager. Twenty years later, Gu Chan Sung becomes a hotelier but has been afraid of the hotel because of his father’s warnings until he finally meets Jang Man Wol.

So Much Love For This Drama

When I first read about the drama, I knew that I would enjoy it. I love that IU came back for another drama and hopefully soon her new album, which if you are a fan of her she likes to push so much work at once and then takes time off. I have been a fan of IU in the dramaland since Dream High and since then she has done a fantastic job. I would have to say this is probably one of her best roles, before she has been able to play the cute adoreable woman while Jang Man Wol is smart and cunning, she is three or four more steps ahead from everyone and hides away her true feelings until Gu Chan Seong shows up. I can’t imagine who could play a better actress to play this role.

But not only that, IU managed to create an instagram account for her character and every week she would post some photos and comment in the style of her character. You should definitly follow it (fullmoon.long)

I haven’t watched a lot of dramas that starred Yeo Jin Goo, I feel that it is because he has only been doing movies, so I was already aware of him years ago but never seen him in many dramas. I fell in love with Gu Chan Seong, he may be foolish especially with his first encounters with ghosts but he manages to accept the world of supernatural and shows the positive side to Jang Man Wol. I love when they are in scenes together, there is this witty banter but also some heartfelt moments . Throughout the drama, Gu Chan Seong learns about how the hotel became to be but also about Jang Man Wol’s past. So if you do watch this drama, grab a box of tissues because you will be needing them.

I also want to mention the array of guest cameos that appeared onto the show, Sulli, Kim Joon Hyun, Lee Joon Gi, Lee Sion and even the icing on the cake Kim Soo Hyun in the end credits of the final episode.

I don’t want to spoil anything about this drama because I want you to form your own opinion. This drama had a unique storyline coming from the sisters who are notoriously known and loved in the kdramaland, to create such an interesting story of supernatural and korean beliefs in life after death. If you think you know ghost type tv shows like Ghost Whisperer then this is an interesting drama to enjoy. I enjoyed this drama and would have to say it will definitly be a new favourite.

I also suggest that you listen to the OST of this drama, it is soo good, even IU has done a special song for the drama which was so beautiful.

I hope you are having a lovely day and I’ll see you soon xx

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