Hey everyone,

Since my last post and with the Prime Minister making the announcement on the 23rd, my boss decided to close the shop/Post Office. She didn’t want to risk it with Covid-19, so I have joined self-isolation. I think with the free time that I have avaliable, it would be great to get back to reading as well as catching up on TV shows that I have been backlogging.

Here are some that I have been watching…

Nancy Drew

Step aside Riverdale, the real Nancy Drew is taking over. When I saw the trailer for this show, I didn’t really think much of it. I have a collection of Nancy Drew books that were passed onto me from my Auntie and while I haven’t gone through all of it, I knew who the charcters were and aware of who Nancy Drew is. One of the things that I love about this show is the inclusion of supernatural, whether if it’s Chinese, Native American or just plain myths of Horseshoe Bay, it is one of the factors of this show that make it soo intriguing and interesting. If I compare this show to Riverdale, I would have to say this show is a whole lot better. It has a great ensemble of characters, interesting plots and the main one which is finding out the death of Lucy Sable.

Hi Bye, Mama

This is still a drama that is still Airing in Korea but it has become such a great show to look forward to on the Weekend.

This drama follows Cha Yu Ri, she is a ghost, she died five years ago and has watched her daughter grow as she was unable to hold her child. During the five years of watching her grow, her daughter has been able to see ghosts which Yu Ri never wanted, so one night at getting herself upset and expressed A LOT of anger towards the deities, the deities give her a chance to live again. Along the way, she reunites with her best friend, her family and her husband who re-married a couple of years prior. Just grab a box of tissues and you would be crying for every single episode. I am not joking.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

If you want something on the weird side because you think you might go insane, then this show would make you think that you are high on weed.

This is a show that is part of the Arrowverse which started as an ensemble of characters from Arrow and The Flash, they are invited to join a Time Master named Rip Hunter and help him stop a man from destroying their planet. The first two seasons are very serious while 3, 4 and 5 have gone off into weird land with magic and demons. The show has a great ensemble, it reminds me of University. You don’t live with your parents anymore, you can do whatever you want, you make mistakes and try to fix them, sometimes making it a little bit worse and you have a group of friends that support you.

What more do you need?


This is one of my favourite medical kdramas, I am not a huge fan of medical shows, probably because of the termonology.

You are following Yoo Hye Jung, she has grown up not being loved by her Dad and has a tough personality, she doesn’t open her heart to anyone after losing her mother and then later on her grandmother. She meets Hong Ji Hong, who was her teacher when she was in high school and he manages to open her heart a little bit only for her to leave after her grandmother’s passing. She then finally becomes a Doctor and she reunites wtih her teacher when they are both Doctors at the same hospital.

The first scene in the drama just gives you the right understanding as to who Yoo Hye Jung is.


We all knew Batman but no one knew about his cousin, Kate Kane aka Batwoman. When it was announced that the Arrowverse was going to include Gotham and Batman after many people, including myself, believing that it would be impossible due to the fact of the Justice League and Batfleck. We have the amazing Ruby Rose as Batwoman, and I am in.

I have been popping in and out of this show mainly because I have forgottena couple of episodes but also I am a little done with Alice and Mouse, I feel that it is a continouos cycle between Kate and Alice, and I hope in the new season (whenever this virus goes away) it would give Kate more time to grow as Batwoman and move forward instead of back.

MOM (Korean Drama) 2016

If you want a family kdrama then I highly recommend this one. I have seen this one about at least 3 times now.

Following the life of a single mum who raised all four of her children, it’s about her finding love and happiness while her children also go through love and hardships along the way. I think I got into the show because of Dohee, she is a brilliant actress and even though she has played sub-characters, I hope that one day she can become female lead. This is a 50 episdoe drama, so you can get youself very attched to this family.

I hope you are enjoying quarentine. Who am I kidding? I have nothing to clean and it has only been three days. One thing I do have to say, I can’t believe that the weather here is so glorious right now when we had those storms last month. It’s so unfair.

I wish it was raining.

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