oh hey, hi I totally did not forget about you. Shh don’t tell my books.

I know I always say that I have been gone a while and honestly I am just too lazy to do anything and when the weekend comes round I ended up spending 4 hours on TikTok and maybe do some embroidery. I think last weekend, I rewatched Avenger Endgame since the last time I watched it was in 2019 when the movie came out and I balled my eyes yet again.

This round of Tome Topple was so much fun, I finished two books and I was halfway through my third, which I finished the day after.

So for the prompt to read a book that has been on my TBR the longest was The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, I also used the prompt to read an audiobook. I do want to mention, while the book is 700+ pages the audiobook was actually 8 hours long. It didn’t click to me until I was at the halfway mark of the audiobook that it was 8 hours long. And I realised that the audiobook is a condensed version of the book, so technically I cheated without intention. I don’t know if there is such a thing as a book reader police but I just want to say, I had no idea.

For the prompt to read a book from a genre that I don’t particularly read which is Science Fiction and I picked Random Sh*t Flying Through the Air by Jackson Ford. I was really excited to pick this book and it did not disappoint me. It continues on from the first book and I don’t know how long I have to wait for the next book because the book left off with even bigger questions. I will have to say I was not expecting what happened in this book, it took me by surprise and I loved it.

And the final book with the prompts of a recent purchase and a tome written by a Black Author, The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter. Now I did struggle at the beginning, especially with the names, so I used one of my credits from Audible and listened to the book on my commute to work and I really enjoyed it. I will have to say there was one character who I personally think should not have been written in because they were very clingy and sounded over the top at times. I want to mention that this is a debut novel from Winter and he has done a fantastic job in his writing and I am blown away, I would definitely purchase The Fires of Vengence when it comes out in November. I will mention this is the book I didn’t get to finish on the last day but as I mentioned already I finished it the next day.

And that concludes the readathon, I really enjoyed it. I might be plannig a review of The Rage of Dragons because I really think it should have it’s own personal review. I hope you are all well and staying safe. Keep the sanitiser nearby and always wear a mask.

Happy Reading xx

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