Hi everyone,

Hope that you are well, staying safe and all.

I have been distracted. Just a little bit. I’ve realised it has been some time since my previous post and I know that I was trying to do better for myself but I haven’t been reading as much this month and it is mainly because I have started to watch Chinese dramas, I’ve been seeing a few clips on YouTube and on Instagram, and now I have a list of CDramas that I want to watch.

It first started on Netflix and now I have downloaded WeTv on my tablet. I am hooked and I can’t seem to stop. I definitely have a favourite actress, Rosy/Lusi Zhao. I adore her in The Romance of Tiger and Rose, she is absolutely hilarious. I cannot stop watching the scene when she is drunk, trying to get her husband to go back with her and then gets upset a minute later.

I feel that I have been very picky when it comes to Kdramas, I like to pick a drama based on a certain cast member I enjoy watching or the drama’s plot sounds really good. I have been in the mood to rewatch Coffee Prince because of the 13-year anniversary documentary and I just want to fall back into nostalgia.

Work has been a bit busy, this week has been dire. At the beginning of the month, it was promising but somehow over night or a change in the air and people aren’t coming out as much. I just hope that there won’t be another lockdown and a reduction of cases because it is getting quite alarmig.

Not only have I been distracted by Asian Men, I have started to crochet. It’s a new hobby, I don’t know how long it will last but I am finding it enjoyable. I just have to start using my Audible credits and start listening to some audiobooks.

There isn’t much else to mention, not that I can think of.

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